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Prince Charles lauds Prince William and Prince Harry for their environmental work in a new essay

Prince Charles lauds Prince William and Prince Harry for their environmental work in a new essay

the prince of wales visits wales
the prince of wales visits wales

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Prince Charles has been a long-standing advocate for environmental causes. Today, the royal is speaking again on the matter in a new video. Cover story Newsweek. In it, Charles has penned an essay—his first significant piece for an American publication in over a decade—about the impact of climate change and his ideas for combatting the climate crisis.

He writes that “the world is on the edge” and that “we need the mobilizing urgency to a war-like footing in order to win.”

Charles also spoke in the essay about his family’s long history with climate causes. It began with his father, Prince Philip. He helped to found the World Wildlife Fund sixty year ago. Then, he continued with his sons Princes William and Harry.

“As a father, it is a proud thing that my sons have recognized this threat. My elder son William launched the Earthshot Prize to encourage change and help repair the planet over the next ten year. He identified and invested in the technologies that could make a difference. Harry, my younger son, has passionately emphasized the effects of climate change, particularly in relation to Africa. He also committed his charity to be net zero.

Charles and William have both expressed concern about the future world. Charles’s final call for action was also a call to family. He wrote that “the eyes of our children, grandchildren, and ourselves are judging” him. “Let ours be that generation that can. And Does. We have no time to lose as we begin a new year.

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