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Protecting our environment? No. – Daily Montanan

Protecting our environment? No. – Daily Montanan

George Ochenskis recent essayThis graphic shows how we are destroying our environment for ourselves and future generations. He points out the inefficacy and weakness of laws that were passed to protect our environment. He also notes that these laws are jury-rigged to weaken science-based standards. The laws and rules that have been adopted are not enforced. What is the result? The result? Miles upon miles of polluted waters, forest resources being logged to the point where they can be destroyed and encouraged wild fires.

We are threatening the existence of future generations and the environment that supports them. This is what our leaders are doing. Worse, our leaders encourage it.

Keep in mind that every Montana legislative, executive, and ministerial official must take an oath to support, defend, and protect our Constitution.

Remember that our Constitution was created by framers who gave us a document that guarantees certain fundamental rights. In fact, our Constitutions Preamble begins by a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the grandeur and vastness of our mountains and our desire for better quality of life and equal opportunities for future generations.

The environment is a fundamental right. Article II, Section 3, guarantees that every person has an inalienable rights to a healthy and clean environment. To double the effect, Article IX, Section 1 requires that both the state and each individual maintain and protect this healthy environment for future generations. The legislature must provide for the administration, enforcement, and adequate remedies to protect the environmental life support system against degradation and prevent unreasonable depletion or degradation of natural resources.

It is unmistakably obvious; there are no exceptions.

Throughout the 50 years of existence of our Constitution, Democrat- and Republican politicians have come and went.

But there has been one constant throughout all of history. The legislature has completely failed to fulfill its Article 1 section 1 duties when it comes to protecting our environmental rights. In their failure, the members of the legislature have defiled their Article II, section 3 oaths–witnessed by God no less–to support, protect and defend the Constitution of Montana.

It has led to the destruction of our environment and ecosystems. The present generation has not preserved and protected the gifts that God gave them. Instead, the legislature is allowing future generations to inherit polluted water, degraded ecosystems, and depleted natural resources. Most importantly, the Constitution does not require us to leave a clean, healthy environment for future generations. It is anything other than!

Past and present legislatures have not only dropped the ball, they have rigged the game–with impunity: Damn this socialist ragOf a constitution! All speed ahead!

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Consider this when you think about the next elections. Make no mistake. We, the voters, are complicit in this environmental disaster. Each of us are constitutionally charged with maintaining and protecting a healthy environment for future generations. Each voter has a right to elect legislators who will faithfully fulfill their oaths. They will also enact followlaws and remedies that protect the environmental life support system and prevent unreasonable depletion of natural resources.

Consider the environment in which voters and legislators will saddle future generations as you prepare for election.

Think about the environment we thanked God for, then trashed.

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