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Southeastern Pennsylvania| Southeastern Pennsylvania

Southeastern Pennsylvania| Southeastern Pennsylvania

PENNSBURG PA – Wednesday’s relocation of students at a Montgomery County highschool was necessary after chemicals were used.Incorrectly placed in a filtration system for pools, creating a “smoky” environment in other areas of the building.

According to the Upper Perkiomen Schools District Superintendent’s office, students atUpper Perkiomen high school were moved to the auditorium at their opposite end of the building. The district stated that school workers began to clean out the building and contacted the authorities. They sent a hazmat team to inspect the school.

According to the district, because the district is in midterms, there are less students in the building than in a normal school day.

“We don’t believe the school environment is dangerous or harmful, but given the circumstances, the superintendent’s office stated that they are preparing to dismiss all students who drove to school.”

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Students who ride the bus will be moved to the middle school, where they can catch their regular bus home at night. Students returning from WMCTC at PM Western Center will be dropped off at middle school so they can catch their bus home or walk to their car parked on campus.

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