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Specieswatch – 10 to 15 ruddy Ducks Left in UK After Europe-wide Cull | Birds
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Specieswatch – 10 to 15 ruddy Ducks Left in UK After Europe-wide Cull | Birds

THe is a ruddy duck. Oxyura jamaicensis, Should have been exterminated in the UK by now, hunted down, and shot at a price of approximately 3,000 per bird. You are required to report any sightings so that it can be eradicated.

Peak numbers were 6,000 birds 20 years ago. This number has fallen to 26 birds in 2018, and may now be as low as 10 to 15.

This is part a European-wide program that aims to prevent enthusiastic males from conceiving the endangered white-headed duck. Oxyura leucocephala, The southern Spain. It was 22 birds in 1977, but now it is more than 2,500 thanks to careful conservation.

In the 1940s, the ruddy bird was brought from North America to Slimbridge sanctuary. It flourished and numbers increased steadily throughout Europe until the danger of white-headed ducks became apparent. In rare European cooperation, all colonized countries agreed to a cull with the goal of total elimination. The British effort has cost 3.3 million, mainly to hire the marksmen.

It has been controversial, with many nature lovers outraged at the idea of shooting sitting birds on their nests. Some bird spotters have been reluctant to report sightings. However, there might still be survivors.

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