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Statement: Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge welcomes news about the mining damage threat

Statement: Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge welcomes news about the mining damage threat

DENVER The Chemours Co. (a chemical company that is a spinoff DuPont), is located in Denver.Will not buy a mine located near Georgia’s Okefenokee SwampIt is the largest blackwater wetlands in North America and a National Natural Landmark. This announcement is significant because Chemours was viewed by many experts as the company most likely have the resources and know how to mine titanium in this area.

Chemours also committed not to purchase titanium from any Okefenokee project-adjacent in the foreseeable near future. Chemours stated that it had made this commitment. Ensure that the Okefenokee’s value is preserved.

The win is afterMore than 100,000 comments publicPetitioners have filed petitions with the federal government and the state opposing the Twin Pines project. This is a proposed strip mine at the boundary of the wildlife refuge. The Georgia Environment Georgias network has submitted thousands of comments to Georgia decision makers opposing Twin Pines. Environment Georgia is a state partner with Environment America. It also comes asconservation groups work in GeorgiaTo convince state regulators not to grant permits for mining near the swamp, and to urge state legislators to ban mining near the swamp. Groups also called forReinstatement of federal protectionsThis area was rolled back by the Trump administration.
Environment America Public Lands Campaign DirectorEllen Montgomery issued the following statement in response:

Although swamps may not get the same love as majestic forests, the Okefenokee is a special place for Georgians. It is vital for fish, migratory birds, and all kinds of plants and wildlife. Although the Chemours news does not close the door to mining in the region, it does bring us closer to stopping these destructive plans.

Next, we will ban mining in this sensitive area and deny permits. We are hoping that our leaders will examine this corporate announcement and also pay attention the broad public support to protect the environment, and realize that this would lead to the wrong mine at the wrong location at the wrong times.


Environment America is a network of 30 state environmental groups. Our staff works together to ensure clean air, clean water and open spaces and a livable environment. Our advocacy and research are supported by grassroots support from our members across the United States.

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