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Success Pact – Creating new benchmarks through an invigorating work environment
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Success Pact – Creating new benchmarks through an invigorating work environment

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Someone who feels appreciated will always do more that they are expected, according to an old saying. Success Pact is a great example of how recognition and achievement can be motivators. They have created a reward system that is the foundation for creating an environment of excellence at work.

The Noida-based company has been a major disruptor in the Indian recruitment industry for more than a decade. Success Pact believes that its employees are the foundation of its success. Success Pact believes in rewarding excellence and goes the extra mile to make sure it is successful. Take, for instance, Mr Harish Joshi – Vice-President, Talent Acquisition at Success Pact, was awarded a shimmering, brand new Honda City car for his exceptional hands-on effort in creating an impact in the recruitment industry. Its employees, including Rishabh Agarwal, Shivali Kaul and Soumen Sarkar are proud winners of the iPhone 13.


Success Pact has inculcated a culture where team managers and colleagues can appreciate their team members by recognising them publicly on social media platforms/ in-office or giving ‘kudos’ for their efforts in more subtle ways.

Success Pact’s culture reflects ownership which is instilled by its employees. This gives them a sense of ownership and motivates them with high-quality service standards.

Success Pact management believes that it is important to continuously learn and upskill in order to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and advances in the industry. The super robust learning and development (L&D) department takes care of the year-round training and learning of its people.

People of Success Pact are well-equipped to take on challenges because it ensures that every employee does the real research and brainstorming while working towards the company’s goals.

A strong leadership supports and mentors the young people to create a future-ready workforce capable of taking on the tech industry head on.


Success Pact is intellectually stimulating work This encourages employees and provides opportunities for them to develop beyond their abilities. Each employee brings unique qualities to the table that contribute to a productive working environment. This allows for professional growth and ensures everyone’s success.

Some of these qualities include openness and curiosity to explore different ways of finding solutions to problems, agility, attitude to learn and absorb from each other’s knowledge, skills, and experience and team spirit. A positive work environment has been created through mutual respect, trust and cooperation. . One thing that unites all members of the team is the spirit for growth and enhancement. This makes the culture open-minded and eager to learn.


At Success Pact, cohesive departmental interactions ensure that each employee understands the other department’s work and style of working. The company abides by six core values, which define its strength wherein the management takes care that each employee holds – productivity, transparency, integrity, quality, resilience and respect – as sacred.

Inclusion of ideas and faiths along with the appreciation of persity defines Success Pact’s cultural values. Respect for everyone is key to creating a healthy workspace, whether it’s the top-level employees or the top-notch C-suite.


The company’s culture, defined by its core values, translates into an invigorating environment that nurtures and supports the best talent. Success Pact’s unique strategy and implementation motivates, rewards, and inspires exceptional employee performance.

Success Pact has created unique categories that provide employees with a rewarding experience and foster excellence.

A.Monthly Awards:

Shining Star

b. Sourcing Master

B.Quarterly Awards:

The Behaviour Award

b. The Leadership Excellence Award

c. The Dependable Award

C.Annual Awards:

Financial Year-end Awards

a.Top Contribution of FY2021-22 from Level – 1

b.Top Contribution of FY2021-22 from Level – 2

E. Sourcing Master FY2021-22

1. Star Recruiter of The Year FY2021-22

2. FY2021-22 Team Lead Award

3. Team Manager of The Year FY2021-22

4. Client of the year FY2021-22

5. Enabler for the Year FY2021-22

6. Best Business Unit for the Year FY2021-22

7. Star Performer of FY2021-22

F. Annual Day Awards

Referral of The Year


Success doesn’t come easy. A great team is essential to any business’ success. It is the backbone of an organization. A strong team can help any endeavor scale up and flourish in ways that are not possible for an individual.

Success Pact puts in a lot of effort to build a competent team. This starts with the recruitment and selection process. The company interviews and selects the best people. The company values people who work towards a common goal, are focused, willing go the extra mile, and respect the organisational vision.

The company follows several steps to achieve this:

1. Start by setting expectations from Day 1. Then, share the clearly defined roadmap through the process such as Key Performance Area (KPA), and Goal Setting.

2. Success Pact believes in and practices emotional intelligence. The company values and respects diversity in the workplace. It embraces different work styles and motivates employees to ensure they feel valued and appreciated.

3. The company encourages a positive work environment by giving employees the chance to share their knowledge and ideas.

4. They promote open communication. They place emphasis on effective communication styles both intra and inter-teams.

5. The Success Pact rewards teams who do good work.

6. Success Pact is an ‘organisation with purpose’ where it believes to facilitate its people and it does that by having a robust ‘Learning and Development’ Program.


1.Recruitment—Success Pact takes care of this from the starting. During the process of recruitment, they share a realistic job preview. This transparency has a positive impact. 

2.Learning and Development—To keep their learning strong and be the market leaders.

3.Strategic onboarding program—The company arranges learning sessions for new hires, formal and informal engagements and interactions with team and senior management that helps them in getting to know one another. During this process, they also seek role models. The company’s onboarding program is designed to help new hires feel more connected with the company, and therefore more likely stay.

4.Rewards, compensation and recognition

5.Team-building activities—To have them feel belongingness to their teams

6.Employee engagement activities—Fun and well-being activities help them stay relaxed and connected.

7.Top management support.


Success Pact has developed a forum, which is known as ‘The Leadership Squad’. 

As part of ‘The Leadership Squad’, the company handpicks a team of senior leaders within the organization who are leading a specific department/wing/team. This is the Success Pact think-tank, whose purpose it is to bring together vision and ideas. 

Team members meet with the intention of sharing their ideas. It’s about what they see the organisation as in the future. All members of the squad have a sense ownership and entrepreneurial mindset, which helps them come up with innovative ideas and concepts for achieving competitive market strategies. Thus, bringing in organizational change and  development.

Success Pact created an environment for co-opetition (cooperation, and competition) between leaders to help them come up with something new in the last financial year. The winning team had the opportunity to implement their ideas and have the option to start a new Success Pact initiative. The top management can support the winners to start an initiative that would help each other towards company and leadership goals.


Success Pact’s entrepreneurial initiative is one of its most important initiatives. It offers the opportunity to its senior employees to start their own business, and they can take the Business Ownership Model.

Success Pact believes that this is only the beginning. They are all ready for the next stage of growth.


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