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The American bumblebee’s population is declining
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The American bumblebee’s population is declining

American bumblebee population has increased over the past 20 years Dropped by 90%.

This bee is being poisoned by pesticides, climate change, and development. If the decline in native pollinators like this one isn’t stopped, the country’s ecosystems and plants will suffer.

Where did the American Bumblebees go, anyway?

One of the most important places in the United States was once occupied by the American bumblebee. Largest geographic rangesAll North American bumblebee species.

Today, the range that once extended coast to coast is no more. Reductions of only a fractionIt has been reduced to a fraction of its former size in the Midwest and Southeast. In other states, this number is much higher –in New York, nearly 99% of the bumblebees have vanished. And in eight states, it has disappeared completely.

We know what drives. This collapse. Recent years have seen a rise in pressure on bumblebees from climate change, disease and habitat destruction.

One particular factor stands out: pesticides.

These pesticides reduce the bees’ immunity systems, interfere with their communication and decrease their ability find and return home.

It was the result of a single event: anywhere from 45,000 to 100,000 American Bumblebees died after coming in contact with neonics-treated trees outside an Oregon shopping mall. Largest number of bumblebees being killed by pesticidesThe study’s authors point out that the majority of mass deaths in the country are likely to go unrecorded.

It seems that these deaths are increasing.

Their bees are essential for ecosystems

While mass deaths of bumblebees may not be noted by humans, they are definitely noticed by the ecosystems which rely on these important pollinators.

Bees play a vital role in many ecosystems’ diets. They provide food and habitat for reptiles and help to grow a variety plants.

American bumblebees are also available Play an important roleThey are responsible for pollinating a variety of crops and wildflowers.

The 100 crops that produce 90% of the world’s food are the following: 71 of these are pollinated in part by bees.

The factors that are driving the decline and decline of the American bumblebee is largely the same ones that are driving the collapse of many other bee species. You will likely also be benefited.

If things do not change, the collapse in bee species will have devastating implications that will ripple through our country’s food webs.

Now is the time to act.

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