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The Eargo 6 can change modes depending upon your surroundings
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The Eargo 6 can change modes depending upon your surroundings

Eargo has consistently announced a new model at CES for the past few decades. The Eargo 6 will be no different. The small black buds are almost invisible because they have the same form factor (CIC). The “new stuff” is on the inside.

“Sound Adjust” is the Eargo 6 flagship feature. It’s easy to guess what this feature does. The company claims that its proprietary algorithm can automatically detect your surroundings and adjust the hearing aids accordingly. Although profiles are a standard feature on most hearing aids and automatic switching is usually reserved for the more expensive models, they all achieve it with different degrees of success.

The Eargo 6’s size is a significant difference to other products that use similar technologies. It’s great to be small, which is the main selling point. However, this also means that there’s less space for sensors and chips. Eargo is proving to be an innovative company that finds clever ways to make their offerings comparable to their (physically as well as metaphorically) larger competitors.

COVID-related influencers are a must for CES 2022. Over the past two years, people with hearing loss have had to deal with a new challenge: conversing with people wearing masks. This not only removes any visual feedback, but it also muffles the sound, which is a double blow to those who are struggling to understand. The company has created a mask mode to address some of the noise changes caused by face coverings.

Other changes include improved noise reduction. The company claims that this reduces background noise, allowing the voice and to be heard clearly. The Eargo 6 is also IPX7 rated for water resistance. They can be submerged at a depth up to one meter for 30 minutes without any water damage. This means you can leave them in the shower or while you go for a quick swim. You can also get them a little bit while you clean them.

We’re not at CES this year so we can’t test them as usual. But, if the past years are any guide, the clever little hearing aid is only getting smarter. The Eargo 6 will be sold directly to consumers at a price of $2,950. This is the average hearing aid price for higher-end models. However, the company offers financing options.

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