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In collaboration with the World Bank, the Federal Government has launched Agro-Climatic Ressilience in Semiarid Landscapes (ACReSAL Project), which addresses environmental challenges in Nigeria’s North.

Alhaji Mohammed Abdullahi (Minister of Environment), stated that the project would last five to six years at the Pre-launch Mission of the World Bank in Abuja on Sunday.

Abdullahi assured Nigerians the project would be implemented effectively and said that all documentation related to the project would reach the World Bank as soon possible.

He stated that the project’s objective can be achieved with the support of the World Bank, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Ministry of Water Resources.

According to him, this project is extremely important as it will also address water stresses system and restore lost lands, thus making the lands more productive for agricultural purposes.

The project will also tackle environmental issues such as climate change and erosion system, biodiversity, and others.

We are grateful to the world bank for initiating the project. I am assuring that the Ministry of Environment will do everything possible to implement the project.

We will ensure that the political will is there to drive the project in accordance with its mandates and objectives.

We will make sure that the various governors at state level deliver on the project’s objectives.

I have instructed the national coordinator of the project to ensure that all documentations required by the world banks to declare the effectiveness and integrity of the project are received by the bank by April 15.

Minister said that the ministry had also set up a project tracking system in the office. He added that this system would help to improve the achievement of the project.

However, he urged all governors, commissioners, and other stakeholders to support the project’s implementation through strong cooperation, and commitment.

Chief Sharon Ikeazor Minister of State, Ministry of Environment, stated that collective action in the execution of the project would yield positive results.

Ikeazor stated that if the project is implemented well, approximately 70% of environmental problems in the states would be solved.

We are ready for the project to be implemented, and with the two ministers with whom we are cooperating, I think it will increase execution.

This is a huge project and Nigeria is privileged to have it. I want to thank the team at the World Bank and the three ministries for their strong support and commitment in the implementation of this project, she said.

Mr Shubham Chunderuri, the World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, stated that the bank would continue its support to Nigeria in order to reach the objectives of the project.

The world bank team has remained committed to this project. However, I appeal to all governments to ensure that the team as well as other personnel in the field are protected.

The government should ensure that insecurity is addressed in areas that allow people to concentrate and do their job effectively.

Gov. Abdullahi Sule, Nasarawa State Governor, spoke on behalf other governors and said that the project would be beneficial to all residents of the states.

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We are grateful and happy to have this laudable program that will curb poverty in our state and address environmental problems.

Sule stated that we, as governors will ensure that we support both the Federal Government (the world bank team) in ensuring that there is no insecurity in the US.

Dr Mamood Abubakar from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also spoke. He explained how the project was initiated when he was the minister for the environment.

This project is a passion of mine because it will bring about positive change in the lives and communities of the different states.

Abubakar stated that the project will improve the lives of the people. It requires careful planning, good management and commitment by everyone.

Dr Suleman Adamu (Minister of Water Resources) urged all states and local governments to claim ownership of this project for sustainability.

The governors of each state and the people of every state should ensure that the Federal Government and the world bank’s efforts are not wasted.

Adamu said that there is a need for the project to be secured and its benefits to be realized.

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