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The Hindu: Career in Environmental Analytics

The Hindu: Career in Environmental Analytics

Everything from technology and businesses is dependent on numbers. Data collection and analysis can help us understand the intricacies and improve the way things work. Data is an integral part of our world. As numbers become more important in businesses, so does the demand for professionals who can record and handle data. Recent developments in the data domain have seen several new fields. These fields are growing rapidly and therefore have a lot of potential for employment. This makes them a good choice for education. You will find a wide range of opportunities in your chosen field of study. Environmental analytics is one such rapidly growing field.

What is it?

Environmental analysis is the process of gathering and analysing data about our natural world, and making it understandable for all. This data usually includes records of temperature, air and/or water pollution, tree rings, and so forth. Even though it may not appear so, this data is extremely relevant to our lives.

Impact on daily living

Analyzing such data can give you insight into the quality of the air you inhale and water you drink, as well as the levels of important natural resources. This allows us to live a more balanced and prudent life. This data can also provide information about the area’s energy or agricultural needs. This gives citizens an idea of the progress and commitment of the nation to sustainability. It also helps to figure out what needs improvement.

As a career option

Environmental Analysis is still a relatively new field. However, there is great potential for employment. The need for and usage of environmental data will only grow as technology advances and the carbon footprint increases. Businesses will be more involved in the environment and related activities. Businesses must consider environmental issues when planning their business.

Those with a degree can apply for jobs at international organisations like The Society of Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), International Environment Data Rescue Organizations Organizations (IEDRO), and National Association of Environmental Professionals. With growing environmental consciousness, the demand for Environmental Analysts is bound to increase.

The author is a Professor of Information Technology at FORE School of Management

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