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“The overall environment has been changed”
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“The overall environment has been changed”

Kyrie Irving defended by Celtics alt uniform
Kyrie Irving defended by Celtics alt uniform

Celtics alt uniform defend Kyrie Irvine

Nets general manager Sean MarksOn Saturday afternoon, the media met with guardians. This was less than 24 hours after guardians were announced. Kyrie IrvingWould be welcome back as a part time player.

Irving was initially refused participation in any home or away games or practice with the Nets until he was vaccinated. Then, he could become a full-time player as per the New York City vaccine mandate.

Why not change your course?

As we all know the environment has changed drastically. It has changed for the Nets from our perspective, our staff perspective, and it has changed from our players perspective. As I walked into the arena today, there were lines for COVID testing. There were 200 to 300 people in line waiting to be tested. The environment has changed. COVID has made a significant impact on the team and society in general. That has certainly changed.

We need to be mindful of managing our own player loads throughout the season. We’ve seen how long our players have had to play and endure, so we need to consider what is best for the team throughout the season.

Marks said, however, that the Nets had always planned to be flexible and adaptable. This was in the best interest for the team.

What hasn’t changed is our team, staff, front office, coaching staff, and the players ability and willingness to work together and adapt to changing circumstances. Marks said. We made a decision several months ago based on what was best to the team. At that time, continuity was what was best for the team. We all recognize that continuity is what we need right now, over the next week. Whatever the future holds, we have to make the best of it.

Marks said that Irving has not been contacted about Irving’s vaccination status. However the team is ready to assist him.

The Nets are currently at 21-8 in the East, and will be playing on Saturday night. Irving is currently in the leagues’ safety and health protocols. He will need five negative tests before joining the club. Marks believes that once he has passed, there will be no distractions.

Marks said that we take these positives and try our best to build from them. Kyries has been watching our games and we’ve had conversations with him about the games and the outcomes. He also weighs in on the games. It’s wonderful to see. I don’t worry about the negative consequences.

I’m not going into this thinking “what if?” When you have the chance to add a player like that at a moment like this, dealing with, again unexpected circumstances, we are trying to pivot and to be as flexible as possible during this time. Again, the team is making the best decisions right now.

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