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The Recorder – My Turn: Eco-environmental Solution to the Farren

The Recorder – My Turn: Eco-environmental Solution to the Farren

Published at 9:55:30 PM on 1/3/2022

Modified: 1/3/2022, 9:54:51 PM

The definition of wastefulness does not need to be limited to our society, our political representatives, or the owners of a particular property. Does this really mean that our society is a wasteful one?

A Dec. 24 rally at The Farren (the former full medical, senior and social service facility in Montague Center) was well attended. It proved that there are many citizens who can be creative problem solvers. This is in contrast to politicians and property owners who claim they have to demolish the massive brick structure.

There is an urgent need for housing security for the elderly, homeless, and low-income. It is sensible to consider the potential of buildings, the enormous costs of decommissioning, and the cleanup and waste of thousands of bricks and infrastructure wiring, plumbing, and other lost opportunities.

A Montague City citizens group supports community rehabilitation planning. Ask your neighbors to help you solve a local problem. There will be many creative solutions. Creative and bold planning can offset the cost of destruction and wastefulness.

The government of Montague needs to reach out to the community and say no! Trinity Health Senior Communities, out-of-town owners, submitted a request for a demolition permit. If Farren is being rehabbed as an hospital, then the cost of rehab can be reexamined for the differences in costs as low income rentals, senior housing, and transitional homeless sheltering.

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The rally featured several former workers from that multi-faceted facility. They gave the crowd inside information about the infrastructure, rooms with private bathrooms, a kitchen and access to the community room on each floor, and an industrial kitchen on the ground.

Retrofit the Farren. This is the Ecoenvironmental solution to the problems in our society. It will inspire all who make decisions.

Nina Keller lives in Wendell.

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