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UMN Institute on the Environment raises student wages to $15.91 – The Minnesota Daily

UMN Institute on the Environment raises student wages to $15.91 – The Minnesota Daily

The Institute on the Environment increased its undergraduate student wage to $15 an hour effective Jan. 3.

The University of Minnesotas Institute on the Environment raised its minimum wage for undergraduate student workers to $15.91 beginning Jan. 3, to match the livable wages of Ramsey County and Hennepin.

April Snyder, IonE Director for Administration, stated in an email, that the cost of staffing went up from $11 (or $12/hr) to $15.91/hr. Ironically, one of our undergrad students ran the numbers to determine the budget impact for us.

According to Jessica Hellmann, IonE Director, this change is retroactive to newly hired students and those already employed.

I heard about [the wage increase]Jacob Bechtold, a third year student and IonE program assistant, said that he ordered online just before Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift I received this year. It was beyond my expectations.

Hellmann stated that on the day that we made our change, College of Biological Sciences announced it. This kind of reaffirmed [to us]This is a positive move. Other University employees agree that it is important for students to be supported.

Hellmann stated that the IonE decided on raising its undergraduate student salaries for two reasons: To better support students financially, and to offer higher wages that will attract more students workers.

The pandemic has caused a national labor shortage, so it is becoming more important for Americans to have competitive wages.

This led to college students protesting for livable wages. As of Jan. 22, Students at Ohio State protestedIncrease in wages up to $15

The Universitys College of Biological Sciences raised the hourly wage to $15 for some student jobs at the end of fall semester. It went into effect Jan. 3.

According to the Washington PostIn April 2020, almost 21 million people lost work. Many businesses stated that they were reluctant to hire new employees at the beginning of the pandemic. Businesses are now looking for employees, but not enough people are applying.

Many University employers, particularly those who work in the dining rooms, saw the effects on staffing shortages that caused some campus dining options to remain closed throughout the fall semester.

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Bechtold stated that the institute was hiring lots at the beginning semester. They found it very easy to work with. [time]I think that partly the reason they gave a raise was why those jobs were filled. They are going to want students to work for them.

Maria Morande (second-year student, IonE program associate) stated that she planned to find a second job until the institute raises its minimum wage.

Morande said that I was considering a TA position. I knew I was going to be busy this semester so it wasn’t ideal. [Now I]This semester, I just have my job at the Institute on the Environment. That has been great. I am able to spend more time on my studies, and also have more time for leisure.

According to the institute, student workers hope that other University departments will notice this change and will be inspired to raise their undergraduate minimum wages.

Morande stated that he hopes it will be a catalyst. It is my hope that it will put pressure on other areas of the University, to make this change or do something similar.

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