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UNHCR Mauritania interventions within the environment sector – Mauritania

UNHCR Mauritania interventions within the environment sector – Mauritania


Since Mauritania’s independence in 1960, environmental management has been a national cause.
The effects of drought, desertification and bush fires as well as the deterioration or destruction of its infrastructure are some of the most serious.
Ecosystems are also at risk from multiform pollution in the city centres. The pressure on land, and natural resources
Resources seem to be growing, whether it’s to meet livelihood needs or to provide firewood and for grazing
Land and for logging. Controlling the deterioration of land and unsustainable exploitation.
Resources, air, ground, and water pollution are all challenges the country will have.
If it is to preserve its ecosystems and improve the outlook of future generations, it must be addressed.
Add to this the fact that there is a refugee camp in the host, which has significant environmental impact.
country, particularly if the prolonged presence and persistence of displaced persons continues over time. The resulting
Environmental degradation can lead to tensions between hosts.
Populations and refugees This scenario has led to humanitarian organizations including
Humanitarian response to climate change requires consideration of the environment and adaptation

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