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Vancouver weather: Winter storm warning issued

Vancouver weather: Winter storm warning issued

This weekend, snow, strong winds, and freezing rain are all possible

If you thought the worst of winter was over in Metro Vancouver, you are in for a surprise this weekend. 

Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning for the region that is expected to reach the south coast on Saturday (Jan. 1) that includes a mix of snow, rain and wind. 

Snowfall is expected to begin Saturday afternoon or evening and temperatures will begin to rise as warm air moves into the region from the ocean. There is a possibility of snowfall accumulations of 2-10 cm.

On Sunday morning, the snow is forecast to change to rain in Metro Vancouver with a potential for 10 to 40 mm of rainfall. However, the exact amount of precipitation is unknown as it depends on when the snow turns into rain. 

There is also the possibility of freezing rain because “warm air overrides cold air near the surface” Saturday and Sunday night.

Strong winds of 40 km/h, gusting to 70km/h, will also develop early Sunday. They could gust up to 90km/h near the Strait of Georgia.

Road conditions may quickly deteriorate as snow transitions to rain and the freezing rain may also make surfaces icy and slippery. Water pooling from the expected warming and additional rainfall could also cause flooding and snowmelt on roads. 

You should be prepared for changing conditions and take extra precautions when driving or walking in the affected areas.

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