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Vectrus Expands Converged Environment Service Offering to Support DoD Readiness and Modernization Initiatives

Vectrus Expands Converged Environment Service Offering to Support DoD Readiness and Modernization Initiatives

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COLORADO SPRINGS in Colorado, Feb. 1, 2022/PRNewswire/ – Vectrus, Inc. (NYSE : VEC) is proud to announce the expansion of their Converged Environment service offering. This service provides integrated technology solutions for installation management challenges faced the Department of Defense (DoD). The Converged Environment is Vectrus’ expanded Converged Infrastructure offering. It creates operational efficiencies by integrating all elements of physical and digital infrastructure. The Converged Environment improves performance, reduces costs, and increases security and cyber security in communications, assets, logistics and supply chains, acquisition, facilities, and other operational processes.

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Many of the military’s current base operations are dependent on outdated infrastructure and manual inputs. This leaves gaps in the information that leaders require. The result is an operational model which falls short of DoD’s modernization objectives. This requires cost-effective, connected, resilient and cost-effective options. These needs are met and advanced by the Vectrus Converged Environment approach.

Vectrus is a unique approach that combines technology, security, assets and other technologies. We are able to unlock the benefits of integration, unlike traditional solutions. Vectrus is also an outsourcing company that brings highly skilled leaders and users together to solve these problems. This allows us to reduce the time and cost of implementing a converged solution and understanding the opportunity,” Corinne Minton-Package (Senior Vice President of Systems and Technology at Vectrus) said. “Our Converged Environment solution meets the needs of the military and promotes cost savings, increased security and rapid data-driven decision making for our customers.

Naval Base Coronado already uses the Converged Environment approach. San Diego. Vectrus is the prime contractor and integrates technology applications and solutions for a smart storage facility. This “warehouse” will enable transshipment between naval units and shore facilities. It will increase efficiency, security, and safety in material handling, management, storage and distribution.

“Vectrus, a trusted partner of U.S. Military, our networked solutions enhance readiness and improve security, streamline logistics and increase operational advantage. Minton-Package stated, “We are the convergence point.” “We are proud and committed to delivering tailored solutions to meet DoD modernization objectives through Vectrus Converged Environmentals deployment.”

About Vectrus

Vectrus, a defense tech company, has been providing mission critical support for our customers’ most difficult operational challenges for over 70 years. We use emerging technologies, exceptional technical expertise, outstanding talent, and deep domain know-how to provide innovative solutions for military and government clients worldwide. No matter what your problem is, we can help. Support for base operations, Converged environment solutions, Supply chain and logistics, Support for IT missions, Engineering and digital integration, SecurityOr Maintenance, repair, and overhaulOur customers rely on us to provide on-target solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs, improve readiness, strengthen national security, and other services.

Vectrus’ headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colo.It employs approximately 9,200 people across 206 locations in 27 different countries. Vectrus had sales of $2.5 billion in 2020. $1.4 billion. Visit the company’s website for more information www.vectrus.comGet in touch with Vectrus Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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