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Washington Constitution Rights would be made more healthy by the Green Amendment
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Washington Constitution Rights would be made more healthy by the Green Amendment

It is very rare to see changes in the state constitution. The bar is highTo enact them: A two-thirds majority in each house of the Legislature followed by a statewide referendum.

However, that doesn’t stop two state lawmakers proposing a Green Amendment for Washington to enshrine in law the right of all citizens to a clean and healthy environment.

Even in the brief 60-day session, they coordinated pre-filing of the measure in both the House and Senate. Thursday’s twin bills would ask voters to follow New York, Pennsylvania, Montana and add the Green Amendment to the state constitution.

The prime sponsor of this quest, Washington’s only Native American lawmaker Debra Lekanoff who focuses much of her work on environmental stewardship, is the primary sponsor.

State Rep. Debra Lekanoff
State Rep. Debra Leonoff

She said that people expect freedom of religion and freedom of speech just like they expect freedom of speech or freedom of religion. They should also have a constitutional right for clean water and stable climate.

The Green Amendment is just one sentence. It is designed to provide a healthy environment for all Washingtonians. Lekanoff stated. 

The Democrat of Anacortes This bill was first introduced last session. She hopes that it will build on the momentum of bipartisan, high-profile laws, such as the HEAL Act for human health and environmental justice, which was recently passed. She believes it is about protecting fundamental values already widely accepted.

To ensure that my daughters’ grandchildren, such as yours, in the future, will not look back on this environment and think it’s a Republican platform. It is a Washingtonian Platform, to create a healthy environment..  

Lekanoff has a strong co-sponsor for this session Sen. Mona Das, a Democrat hailing from Kent, who The Senate has approved the amendment.

Sen. Mona Das

Washington State Legislature

Sen. Mona Das, D-Kent

A constitutional amendment that is voted for by the people would change the way the state operates. We would all realize that we have the right to clean air and clean water. We have a right and obligation to protect the ecosystems. Das stated that we have the right to fight for our future generations.

Das was the principal sponsor of the major plastics reduction bill that banned single-use plastic bags in the state. The act also mandated the elimination of polystyrene coolers and takeout containers. She is the lead sponsor of the RENEW Act, which aims to reform recycling in the state and make manufacturers accountable for the packaging they create.

The sponsors claim Washington joins a growing number of states that are amending their constitutions in order to protect the environment through “environmental right amendments,” or ERAs. New York recently became The third state of the nationTo add a constitutional green amend.

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