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Woodville Pellets, LLC, Makes Additional Environmental Investments and Pledges Fonds for Local Residents and Educational Facilities in order to Improve the Energy Efficiency Of Their Homes and Buildings

Woodville Pellets, LLC, Makes Additional Environmental Investments and Pledges Fonds for Local Residents and Educational Facilities in order to Improve the Energy Efficiency Of Their Homes and Buildings

Woodville Pellets, LLC

WOODVILLE Texas, Jan. 31, 2022/PRNewswire/ – Woodville Pellets today announced that it will fund nearly all of its projects. $500,000For local residents and educational institutions to use in improving their energy efficiency of their homes or buildings through a respected entity, Greater East Texas Community Action Program (“GETCAP”) and a $200,000Payment to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and additional funding to support technology improvements. WoodvillePlants that are more efficient and sustainable will be more productive. The company has reached a settlement with Sierra Club in a lawsuit that arose from the previous facility owners. Woodville Pellets does not agree with the claims made by Sierra Club in the lawsuit. However, Woodville Pellets has agreed to settle the dispute with them and will continue Woodville Pellets’ commitment as a state of the art operator that invests heavily in the community.

Woodville Pellets, LLC

Both local tradespeople and residents will benefit from the funding of the GETCAP project.

Woodville Pellets has committed to completing its multi-million-dollar plant upgrade. “We are happy that we are moving forward with our permitting process and planned environmental improvements so that we can focus on the operations and our plant,” said the plant manager. Michael Rastatter. “We have worked tirelessly to acquire this plant in 2019, and it is an important step forward.

Woodville Pellets is a major employer in the area, with approximately 100 employees. WoodvilleAnd Port Arthur locations. The plant produces around 400,000 short tonnes of wood pellets annually. It transforms locally sourced wood residuals and low-quality wood roundwood into wood pellets. This allows for reforestation as well as economic investment. East Texas. Wood pellets are a viable bioenergy solution that provides affordable energy security and significant reductions in fossil emissions to many countries around the world.

The settlement includes Sierra Club’s agreement to allow pending permits to TCEQ/EPA to be granted. This will allow Woodville Pellets the opportunity to make significant technology improvements at the plant, including the addition of new equipment. The company will continue to report on compliance and conduct periodic testing of air emissions at the facility. It will also hold quarterly community meetings to answer questions and discuss operations and environmental compliance at Woodville Pellets. Woodville Pellets made a multi-million dollar investment to upgrade and improve the equipment at the plant. This work follows that of Woodville Pellets. Woodville Pellets is happy to make these commitments, not only to improve plant operations reliability but also to help the environment.

In June 2019Woodville Pellets purchased the wood-pellet manufacturing plant from bankruptcy. After the purchase, the current plant leaders began working with state regulators in order to modernize the plant. This was to improve environmental compliance that had been lost by the previous owners. The multi-million-dollar investments made by the plant have brought positive results for the employees, the community and the environment.

About Woodville Pellets Woodville Pellets, LLC, a wood biomass pellet producer, is located in Woodville, TexasUSA and runs a manufacturing plant in Woodville, Texas, and a terminal for pellet storage and shipping Port Arthur, Texas. The manufacturing plant is situated in an area with ample access to local feedstock. The majority of the pellets are made from locally sourced roundwood and local chips, which are purchased through a trusted vendor. Woodville Pellets, a division of Graanul Invest group, is the second-largest producer of pellets in the world. Europe. The group works in the areas of bioenergy and renewable energie production, forestry, biomaterials and development. Graanul, which was founded in 2003, is a global leader in biomass and bioenergy production. It is also the largest producer of wood pellets. Europe. The Company employs more than 500 professionals across its 12 modern pellets plants in the BalticsAnd U.S., as well as its six combined-heat-and-power plants in Estonia and Latvia. Graanul is 100% committed to providing viable, sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

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