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Workshop for Environmental Educators

Workshop for Environmental Educators

Environmental Educators Invited to Workshop

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TheOcean County, in partnership withOcean County Parks, will host its 25th annual Barnegat bay Environmental Educators’ Roundtable on Wednesday April 27 at Jakes Branch County Park. Location: 1100 Double Trouble Rd. in Beachwood. $25 per person.

After two years of providing virtual Roundtables, we are excited to welcome educators and nature enthusiasts back to our in-person, outdoor, professional development event,” said Becky LaBoy, soil district education outreach specialist. Area educators discuss the importance of soil in relation to the health and well-being of our watershed.

She explained that attendees can participate in interactive workshops and field trips to learn more about our soil, native forests, natural resources, plants and wildlife. Teachers, environmental educators, and nature lovers have the opportunity to network and share valuable resources with their students, colleagues, and communities.

LaBoy said that the Roundtable Steering Committee has created a variety programs that cater to everyone. The committee works to empower local educators and residents to think globally and take action locally. We believe that understanding and appreciation of the local environment can help create a sense of place for residents and students in the area.

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Highlights include a light meal, field trips, workshops and free educational resources. Door prizes are also available. A special keynote program will also be presented, which will include the showing of the movie. Kiss the GroundWoody Harrelson narrates the movie. Its theme is the greatest challenge facing humanity: to balance the climate, restore ecosystems that have been destroyed, produce abundant food, and ensure the future of our species through sustainable soil management.

Anyone interested can visit the website of the Environmental Educators Roundtable soil conservation districts soildistrict. orgFor more information and to register, see the complete list of programs. LaBoy can be reached at 609-991-1534 if you need more information.E.E.

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