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According to a leaked document, 18 countries will phase out coal.
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According to a leaked document, 18 countries will phase out coal.


According to the British government who made the deal at a summit on global climate change, a coalition of 18 countries and dozens of banks and institutions will pledge to eliminate coal-fired power stations in their country and to stop funding for international coal projects.

The greatest contributor to climate changes is the burning of coal. It is important that the United Nations climate conference ends support for this practice.

The new campaign, which is expected to be announced by British officials on Thursday in Glasgow, declares that the end of coal “is in sight” because of the new coalition. The complete list of 18 countries was unavailable, but it does include developing and developed countries like Chile, Vietnam and Egypt.

It was not clear whether the United States was included in the agreement. A spokeswoman for John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy, did not respond to a request for comment.

The World Coal Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the new announcement but earlier this week said efforts to eliminate coal ignored the fact that coal “remains a critical to energy supply in 80 countries and the livelihood of more than 790 million people who have no access to reliable and affordable power.”

The new coalition, which includes 190 countries and organisations, will pledge to end all investment in new coal power generation both domestically and internationally. It was not immediately clear when the deadline would be.

They will also agree to make a “just transition away from coal power in a way that benefits workers and communities” and to rapidly scale up the deployment of clean energy like wind and solar power.

“Phasing out coal is essential to reach our climate targets,” Svenja Schulze, Germany’s minister of the environment, said in a statement. “In the near future we will have left behind all fossil fuels and live in a new and sustainable energy world based on renewable energy.”

Michael Bloomberg, who earlier this week announced he would ramp up his American and European campaigns to phase out coal and move into 25 other countries, said in a statement he believes fighting climate change “depends on ending coal-fired power.”

According to the statement, HSBC and Export Development Canada also plan to join the group.

Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies met in Rome before the climate conference and agreed to eliminate financingFor coal plants abroad. They didn’t promise to stop coal at home, but they did so despite objections from Australia, China, India, Australia, and Russia.

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