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Climate crisis – small steps to make a difference

Climate crisis – small steps to make a difference

A chara, – The broad manoeuvres and declarations of Cop26 might have the impact of dislocating the individual from a practical response to the environmental crisis; the macro over the micro.

Local government and representatives have the opportunity to lead local changes in such situations. One small change that could be made is to reevaluate the need for permanent, glaring public lighting along our byroads and river walks, as well as motorways. What if lights were dimmed after midnight, or reduced after a specific time? Do roundabouts or piers have to be fully lit by 4am?

From evening to morning, the piercing white street lights can have a negative impact on birds, bats, and all other members of our shared environment. Safety for all road users is important, but with the right leadership, a middle ground can still be reached.

One part of the solution to the grave environmental and biodiversity crisis is legislation. The other is common sense and cop-on.

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Spiddal, Co Galway.

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