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Bree’s on Main: Shepherds want to be family-oriented | Local News
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Bree’s on Main: Shepherds want to be family-oriented | Local News

CORBIN — When Mark and Michelle Shepherd reopen their downtown Corbin eatery, things will look a bit different.

The restaurant, once known as Sheps place, will now be called Brees on Main. It was named after their children, Brianna, and Brandon. Both stated that Brees would be focusing on restoring the family-oriented atmosphere Mark envisioned when he and his partner opened Sheps Place in 2003.

Mark stated that he believed that we had lost our way. He was referring to Mark and his three former partners who were running Sheps Place. He stated that Brees on Main would only be run by him and Michelle, his wife and co-owner.

Sometimes, four heads is better than one. It doesn’t necessarily mean it was right or incorrect, and I love those men to death. However, it was the best thing. He said this when he closed Sheps Place this summer. It didn’t matter if I had partners, it was still at mine feet. So I felt that closing it was the best thing to do. Let me think about all that went wrong and fix it. Mark added.

Mark stated that he knew that he would eventually reopen Sheps Place when he decided to close it. This isn’t the first time Mark has decided to temporarily close a restaurant. He also took the time to reflect on how he could improve the atmosphere. Bubbys BBQ, his Corbin-based restaurant has received national praise for its high-quality food and all-you can-eat dining experience. Mark says that this wasn’t always the case. He recalls having to close the Corbin restaurant for almost a year.

He said that when I came back for the second time, my head was in a different place. Sometimes you need to look at the things you have done wrong. You know how huge it was when I returned with Bubbys.

Michelle and Mark felt the Sheps place was becoming more party-oriented. The couple will continue to offer alcohol and sports events like the NFLs Sunday Ticket. However, they want the restaurant to be more welcoming and family-friendly for guests of all ages.

Michelle said that it was becoming more of a party-bar environment. Michelle explained that that is not what we want to be known for. We want everyone to feel at ease when they arrive.

Mark stated that he thought the inside of the restaurant was beautiful. The rebranding has meant that the restaurant now needs new signage, menus, and awnings.

Michelle stated that Brees on Main will feature many crowd favorites from the Sheps Place Menu. Brees on Mains menu will feature items such as Sheps coal-fire piazzas and burgers, salads and buffalo wings.

Michelle said that they added some soups as well as steaks to this menu. She added that we have a kids menu, dessert menu, and a barbecue menu. This is because Mark, who is the king in barbecue, started it a few months ago. It’s a lot more variety than our last menu.

The couple plans to open Brees at Main Sunday, 26 December. The current plans call for the restaurant’s opening hours to be Wednesday-Sunday. Mark and Michelle have the opportunity to open the restaurant on the 26th, giving them a chance to assess the opening and make any necessary adjustments before the first week of full-week operation. You can find more information about the restaurant opening on its Facebook page, as it becomes available.

We are both very excited about this. Mark said that we feel confident that we will create a great product, and that our family will be able to benefit from it. It will be much better than before.

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