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Built Environment Research: How to Study the Great Indoors
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Built Environment Research: How to Study the Great Indoors

Delos Classroom

Published 12-10-21

Submitted by Delos

Delos Classroom

Research and the Indoor Environment

Our health and well-being are directly affected by our social and physical environments. How we interact with the spaces around us can either improve or hinder our health. Delos has focused its attention on the improvement of health and well being in the places we live, learn, work, and play for the past 10 year. We use scientific research, collaborations, subject matter experts, and a unique approach for evaluating products and technologies that improve indoor health.

Our research falls broadly into one or more of the following categories: scientific research; product innovation and evaluation; and translation of research with a goal of popularizing it.

Scientific Research and the Well Living Lab

Our scientific research has two goals: to understand how indoor environments affect human health and well-being and to discover new frontiers within the interdisciplinary field human-building interaction.

The Well Living Lab, which was founded by Mayo Clinic and Delos in 2016, combines health science and building science to conduct academic research about optimizing indoor environments for human well-being. It has published 21 studies to date. 18 peer-reviewed journalsIn scientific journals. Peer-review is a process that allows authors to submit their research to peer review. This is necessary to ensure academic scientific quality.

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Delos is the pioneer in Wellness Real Estate. She transforms homes, offices, schools and other indoor spaces by putting health and wellbeing at the heart of design and construction decisions. Delos combines the best in technology, health and science with real estate to create spaces that are conducive to health, performance, and well-being. Delos offers programming, design and consulting services, as well research and a wide range of innovative technologies that can improve health and well-being. More information on Delos can be found

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