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Cara Delevingne and Taika Waititi join the fight against climate crisis with WEBTOON Comics (Exclusive).
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Cara Delevingne and Taika Waititi join the fight against climate crisis with WEBTOON Comics (Exclusive).



WEBTOON has teamed up with Rewriting Extinction to launch digital comics featuring some of the most prominent names in entertainment, such as Taika Waititi and Dami Lee. The collaboration is intended to raise awareness about the global climate emergency. is the exclusive source of the WEBTOON adaptations by Cara Delevingne and Taika Waititi, Safely Endangered and Dami Lee. The content and comics will go live on the WEBTOON website at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday 23 December

WEBTOON has partnered with Rewriting Extinction to adapt comics by selected celebrities. Rewriting Extinction campaignRewriting Extinction supports charities by raising awareness and funds. The initiative also includes a series of digital comics created by WEBTOON creators. WEBTOON and Rewriting Extinction aim to raise awareness and funds in support of seven top environmental charities and their flagship evidence based projects. The goal is to save thousands of species from the brink of extinction. Rewriting Extinction has brought together 300 celebrities and activists, Indigenous leaders, storytellers, and experts to create more than 150 emotive comic stories about an environmental theme.

(Photo by Cara Delevingne. Ecoresolution. Paul Goodenough. Dami Le.
(Photo by Taika Waiti, Safely Endangered).

Fans of WEBTOON comics can look forward to: Melody from Cara Delevingne; Oceanside Properties from Taika Waiti and Safely Endangered; and Earth Day from Dami Lee. NEW COMICS – Developed by WEBTOON creators – also available for launch later today My Giant Nerd Boyfriend from Yen Ee Tay; Siren’s Lament from Kaitlyn Narvaza; The Little Trashmaid from Stephanie Hermes; Only a Goblin from Brandon Chen and Kamyrin Maxwell Irby; and Maid for Hire from Catharina Melisa Oktorina.

“It’s every comic creator’s dream to work with WEBTOON – which isn’t just an amazing community of readers, but it’s also run by a fantastic, caring and passionate set of people too. Rewriting Extinction is able to inspire and reach a new audience by working together with WEBTOON. I couldn’t be more proud!” said Rewriting Extinction founder, writer/producer Paul Goodenough.

“The global climate emergency demands new creative visions and voices to save our planet,” said David Lee, Head of Content at WEBTOON U.S. “We all need to come together to inspire the world to action, and storytelling is an important part of that process. WEBTOON has a huge global audience of 72 millions people. This allows for a new generation of digital comics lovers who are deeply concerned about environmental and social change. We’re proud and honoured to collaborate with Rewriting Extinction to bring their incredible message to digital comic fans around the world.”

Rewriting Extinction is a collaboration between Cara Delevingne and Taika Waititi, Lucy Lawless and Ricky Gervais. It also includes War and Peas and Comics, War and Peas and Comics, Dami Le, Buddy Gator and Jenny Jinya. Rewriting Extinction has received over 100 million views.

All Rewriting Extinction comics adapted for the WEBTOON platform can be found at or the WEBTOON app at 8 p.m. tonight. ET.


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