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Classroom environment and its effects on education
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Classroom environment and its effects on education

It is important to make eye contact with every student while you are teaching. It sends a message that students are within your reach.

Never label or judge a student. It has a very negative effect on the students’ psyche. Do not make comments on the family, threaten or frighten them about any complaint that is being made to the principal or parents. I can assure you that the students will hate you for your actions. Take care.

Start fresh if a student has misbehaved in the past. You should adopt the philosophy that “everyday is a clean slate”. Try to discover the root cause of the behavior, if possible. It might seem like you are wasting time, but it is a good investment for the child’s future career.

Although rewards and punishments can be combined, it is best to avoid them both. Rewards disappoint those who fail and punishments humiliate those who succeed. Both create rifts in the class and ruin the pleasant atmosphere. They are in adolescence. This is an important transitional stage of life.

You can make a spelling error or accidentally spill water. They will correct you. You should apologize to them and admit your error. This shows you that the students are attentive. It also sends a message to them: “To err is human”. You can clearly see the difference in their behavior when they show respect for their teacher. Be more approachable and show your appreciation for their achievements and success in a way that interests you. Encourage your students to become more aware of the world, and encourage them not only to be curious but also to climb the hill like the lonewolf. Your destiny is in your control. Stay strong and be different

Everybody who remembers their education will remember teachers and not techniques. The teacher is the core of the educational system.

Is it possible to achieve all of this in the current situation? There are always options if you have the will to do so. Many schools have opened physical classes and are continuing with remote teaching since April 2020.

This hybrid teaching is the current trend and teachers are expected to rise to the occasion. This is a daunting task, but teachers accepted it as a challenge. Life is not complete without challenges. It is crucial to understand how to deal with these two groups of students. It is essential to make sure that the online students feel like they are part of the physical classroom. It is important for teachers to plan the activities ahead of time. Your class should be started in the same way you did when all students were present, such as greeting and roll call.

Don’t worry. You can use technology to connect with other students remotely. You will be able to share the same laughs and hear the same whispers as you did all those days. Projectors, zoom, double cameras, and a second screen will all be at your disposal. But it is important to look at the tools and devices that you have.

Everybody has been through and continues to go through difficult times. Find ways to celebrate each moment. Don’t worry about passing the syllabus. You have to adapt to the changing times. It’s okay if it takes longer. Do not get discouraged, and don’t be afraid to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong on either side.

All of this is new for all of us: the students, teachers, families, and administrators. Don’t panic.

Teachers need to take care of themselves, as teaching simultaneously is not an easy task. Stay active and meditate. Family time and me time are essential. If you aren’t feeling rejuvenated, you can’t work.

Remember that students are teachers’ greatest assets. It was evident that teachers and students could work together in these uncertain times. The future is bright and not grim. We can win together.

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