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Dr Tony Holohan advises people to avoid crowds and indoor mixing.
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Dr Tony Holohan advises people to avoid crowds and indoor mixing.

Tony Holohan, Chief Medicine Officer, has urged people not to meet with other households or to avoid crowded retail spaces as part of efforts slowing the spread of Omicron variants of Covid-19.

Although he acknowledged that testing centres are busy, he said that people with Covid-19 symptoms should continue self-isolating until they receive a PCR result.

His comments came as an additional 10,404 cases of Covid-19 were reported on St Stephens Day. Christmas Day saw the state’s highest single-day infection rate since the pandemic. It was 13,765.

At 8am on Sunday, there were 426 Covid-19 patients in hospital. There were 50 new hospital admissions in the last 24 hours. This is the lowest number in a single week.

The number of people admitted to intensive care units was 91, the lowest since November 9th. Only a third of ICU beds are currently occupied by critically ill patients.

HSE data revealed that the Mater hospital in Dublin had 13 Covid-19 patients at 8pm on Christmas Day. University Hospital Limerick had 11, Tallaght had nine, and St Jamess in Dublin had 10.

There were 1,293 general beds in the hospital system. There were also 27 adult ICU and high dependency units beds.

Mr Holohan stated that people should continue to reduce contact and avoid crowded places as much as possible. We are seeing the Omicron variant of Covid-19 become the dominant variant in Ireland.

We know this variant is more transmissible then even the highly transmissible Delta variation. Please do not socialize or meet indoors, with people from other homes.

Avoid crowds, including in retail environments. He also suggested that online shopping be encouraged whenever possible.

He advised people to leave any retail environment that doesn’t feel safe.

He advised people who have not had a booster jab to take every precaution to ensure they are eligible for it.

This includes avoiding potentially dangerous environments and keeping your contact lists as low as you can.

Good protection

Mr Holohan said: All evidence suggests that a booster vaccine will provide good protection against infection by the Omicron variant.

He also stated that COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, should be treated immediately and a PCR test ordered.

Due to the high incidences of COVID-19 in the country, our test centres are extremely busy at the moment. However, it is important to continue to self-isolate up until you receive your PCR results and additional information from HSE.

Mr Holohan said that you should take an antigen test if you travel to Ireland from outside the country. This will ensure that you are able to pass your five-day antigen test.

During a round-table interview pre-Christmas, Taoiseach Michel Martin was questioned if the current wave in Covid-19 infections was the last.

He replied, “I’m loath to use this language, but, certainly, it would be more optimistic than not that things would be getting better.” [at dealing with the virus]This. I don’t have enough data to prove the surge.

Martin acknowledged that some people believe Omicron is the last surge. However, he said: I’m not an expert enough to say that definitively. We know Omicron has actually infected people who have been infected with Delta before, which opens up the possibility of reinfection.

The key issue is severity. It’s how much it’s more infectious, but less damaging. He stated that this could lead to a new horizon, a new scenario for the future.

Martin stated that looking back on the past year, vaccination has been a game changer.

He also said: Do you really think we would be open today for retail, construction and all other things if we had 4,500 and 5,000 cases?

It is, therefore, a game changer for me.

He said that boosters are being conducted now and that new vaccines for variants and possible vaccines are being prepared. It is possible to have an annual vaccination program.

Martin added: I believe the HSE is seeking a stronger independent capacity to switch on and off vaccination programs around this issue.

He stated that anti-viral drugs are being developed and will hopefully lead to better treatment.

So I believe we will get better at handling it. That’s how I see Covid being dealt with in the future, while still allowing for our full economy.

Martin said that the economy is roaring back after we reopened since March, while cautioning that there was a lot of energy that was captured or suppressed through the Covid restrictions.

He stated: We are in a much better place from that perspective than we would’ve been without vaccinations.

There are many advances in medicine for 2022. Even though the current situation is not favorable, I am more optimistic.

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