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Environmentalists love Youngkin moves from the beginning

Environmentalists love Youngkin moves from the beginning

Virginia exits multi-state coalition backing EPA in climate lawsuit

Virginia Gov. Glenn YoungkinGlenn YoungkinThe Hill’s Morning Report – What is Putin’s next move Youngkin causes a Democratic backlash in Virginia. The Nor’easter leaves thousands without electricity on the East Coast.(R) has waged a series of battles against activists and the state senates Democratic minority over environmental policy in his first month as an elected official.

Youngkin did not put much emphasis on energy and environment policy during the campaign trail. Instead, he focused primarily on educational issues as well as COVID-19 limitations.

Youngkin was controversial even before his inauguration.

On Dec. 8, he announced his intention to withdraw Virginia from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a 11-state compact that requires power plant to purchase credits to offset carbon emissions. Virginia joined the group in 2021.

Youngkin has decried RGGI and vowed to unilaterally leave the agreement.

Youngkin’s order states that RGGI has not had any benefits, and that costs have risen.

Youngkins nomination for former Trump Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew WheelerAndrew WheelerOvernight Environment ‘Forever chemical’ suits face time crunch Lawmaker asked ex-EPA chief why he couldn’t convince Trump climate change was real Virginia exits multistate coalition supporting EPA in climate suit MOREThe Secretary of Natural Resources raised hackles as well.

Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist and EPA chief, rescinded a number environmental regulations and backed a rule that would allow the agency only to use scientific studies that make public raw data.

Youngkin was initially viewed as an underdog in a state where voting was not allowed. President BidenJoe BidenOvernight Health Care Moderna’s vaccine COVID-19 approved Overnight Defense & National Security US officials meet at Biden’s meeting to relaunch the ‘cancer moonshot’ effort at Wednesday’s event. MOREBy seven points, the party had seen eight years worth of Democratic governors, giving it a trifecta in state government in 2019.

The first-time candidate stressed his business experience on the campaign trail and, despite Trump’s endorsement, kept him at arms reach.

Youngkin did not talk about the environment very much during the campaign. There was hope that he might take a moderate approach in a moderate state, according to Mike Town, executive director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.

Kristin Axiom Strategies vice president and Youngkin campaign advisor, Kristin Davyon, told The Hill that his early moves were in line with his campaign promises.

Davison informed The Hill via email that lowering the cost of living was a key component of Governor Youngkin’s campaign and Day One Game Plan.

Dominion Energy, the state utility, approved August costs for participation in RGGI. This increased January bills by an average $2.39. Youngkin signed an executive ordering directing the Air Pollution Control Board of the state to consider withdrawing after his inauguration. The utility has requested permission from regulators to withdraw the increase amid uncertainty.

Davison stated that it is a tax on hardworking Virginians. Virginians elected Governor Youngkin because he promised to keep his promises. And that’s exactly what Youngkin is doing.

The victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffeTerry McAuliffeJill Biden increases her communications team ahead of the midterm elections. The Memo: Is Trump the GOP’s future or just a rearview mirror? The Hill’s 12:30 Report: Dems are moving towards voting rights vote without any outcomeYoungkin was transformed overnight by a former governor from Virginia into a GOP star who many believe could become a future GOP presidential candidate.

Youngkin could consider this a factor in many of their future decisions.

Virginia’s constitution restricts governors to a single term. Therefore, he will not be running for reelection 2023.

Youngkin may run for the Virginia Senate seat as an independent Republican. However, his views on healthcare and climate change, and his ability to keep winning votes in Norther Virginia, will be crucial.

Asurveyfrom Democratic Pollster Public Policy Polling shared to The Hill showed Youngkin slightly under with voters two week into his term. Several communities in northern Virginia announced that they will keep mask mandates at schools despite Youngkin ordering them to end. The governors mansion is a common predecessor to a Senate chair. Mark WarnerMark Robert WarnerThe Hill’s Morning Report – Biden – Russia attack ‘would alter the world’ SALT change likely cut from bill, according to Senate Democrats New Mexico Democrat tests positive in COVID-19 breakthrough case(D) Tim KaineTimothy (Tim), Michael KaineDemocrats urge Biden administration for easier entry to US for at risk Afghans Manchin, Sinema join GOP for filibuster change to voting bill. Desperate Dems support cutting the size of Biden bill(D) were both former governors. Former senators Chuck Robb, (D), and George Allen, (R) were also ex-senators.

Youngkin is being hailed by anti-Trump conservatives. Youngkin runs on the same hot-button issues that Trump often cites, but appeals to suburban voters rather than alienates them.

Although Wheelers’ association to Trump may seem like a bigger threat, RGGI pulling out could pose political risks.

Flood preparedness receives 45 percent of RGGI revenue. This is a high priority according to polling. A May 2021 poll from Global Strategy Group found that 60% of respondents believed flooding and climate change were already having a significant impact on Virginia.

According to the same poll, 68 per cent of voters in coastal areas stated that flooding prevention was either a top priority or an important concern.

Youngkin’s coalition could include communities that were affected by the reduced flood preparedness. After both Biden and Youngkins predecessor Gov., Youngkin voted for Youngkin, Youngkin won Virginia Beach and Chesapeake by six and eight percentage points. Ralph Northam (D).

It is unclear if Youngkin’s political opponents will become stronger. However, if Youngkin’s popularity continues to fall, it could give Democrats (who hold a single-seat majority) more political will to oppose him on environmental issues.

The governor’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment regarding this story.

Town stated that the state made rapid progress in environmental issues during the eight years prior to Youngkin’s election. This was after decades of almost constant divided government.

Town stated that significant progress has been made in climate action over the past two-years.

Northam signed, for example, the Virginia Clean Economy Act in August 2020. It would require Virginia to have zero-carbon energy generation by 2050. The law would see the state eliminate its majority of coal-fired power stations by 2024.

Environmental advocates are optimistic that Wheelers’ nomination will not be defeated but have expressed doubts about whether its defeat will bridge the gap between them & Youngkin on environmental matters.

Town told The Hill that Andrew Wheeler was a tool and Glenn Youngkin a carpenter. [Youngkins]The intention is to destroy the amazing environmental protections that were implemented under Democratic governance.

I hope the governor realizes that the Senate Democrats and Virginia’s general populace, as well as the environmental community, are going to stand firm and defend the progress we have made, he said.

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