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Global Thought Leaders are behind the drive for a positive future for our planet

Global Thought Leaders are behind the drive for a positive future for our planet

The company promotes the real work being done to address the most pressing issues facing humanity, from climate change to inequality to poverty and inequality.

Paolo ZaniniTBD Media Group CEO and Founder:

“Change is the only constant in the business world, and the pace has certainly increased in recent years. The headlines focus on the current problems, but the real story lies behind the scenes thanks to the extraordinary leadership of the business community. We have a responsibility to demonstrate what visionary and excellent leadership looks like in a time when many people are losing faith in politics.

Zanini believes stories of this nature must be told for 2 reasons.

“First, the Global Thought Leaders that we feature are pointing out the way for business leaders to adapt and adopt a new way to work. Everybody can do some thing, but those with leverage need to do more. TBD Media Group believes it is our responsibility to adapt to the changing mood. We can’t fail to make a better world because we don’t know how to use all the tools at our disposal. Pessimism will only lead to failure. Optimism is our only option.

The Global Thought Leaders documentary series explores how the most ambitious companies in the world harness innovation to transform the world around them and create a better tomorrow for future generations.

Companies featured in this launch

Calix,  Elisa, EnOcean Alliance, Hamlet Protein, Inogen Alliance, Oracle Cloud HCM, Meero, Meltwater, Opsec Security, SHL Group, The Zebra,

More information about the Global Thought Leaders Campaign can be found here.

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