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“It’s very difficult to maintain healthy team environments when such things come forth,” Saba Karim says about Ashwin’s statement regarding Shastri in the India-South Africa Tests.
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“It’s very difficult to maintain healthy team environments when such things come forth,” Saba Karim says about Ashwin’s statement regarding Shastri in the India-South Africa Tests.


Saba Karim, a former Indian cricketer, has stated that Rahul Dravid will play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy team environment after recent turmoil in Indian cricket.

Despite Test cricket being a dominant sport, especially in the last 12 month, Indian cricket has been in a state of constant uncertainty for the past two weeks.

A fresh controversy has emerged after Virat Kohli’s abrupt sacking from the ODI skipper post and contradictory statements by Sourav Ganduly, the BCCI president, appeared to have erupted. Ravichandran Ashwin’s astonishing revelations about how he received very limited support during the Kohli–Shastri era came out in a recent interview to ESPNCricinfo.

Karim stated these words while speaking on YouTube channel Khelneeti

“Very difficult maintain a healthy group environment when such matters come out (Ashwin’s statement on Shastri). Rahul Dravid’s role is very important. These developments shouldn’t put the Captain under pressure.

This is an extraordinary interview. There is candour, pain, and the rarest of insights into his bowling. Please take the time and read

India will kickstart their South Africa tour later this week. The first of three Tests will be held at SuperSport Park on Boxing Day.

“You cannot have different treatments to different players.” – Nikhil Chopra in Ashwin-Shastri saga

Ashwin shared his feelings of being ‘crushed’ after Shastri’s remarks on Kuldeep Yodav, former coach, during the interview. Kuldeep, who was in the Sydney Test to replace Ashwin, claimed a five wicket-haul in his maiden Test Down Under.

After his outstanding performance, Shastri made bold claims in the press conference where he declared Yadav India’s No.1 spinner under overseas conditions. Ashwin retorted to the statement, saying:

“I hold Ravi Bhai in high regard. We all do. However, that moment was the worst. Absolutely crushed. Everyone talks about how important it’s to be able to share in your team-mates success. Kuldeep was my happy boy. He has a five for in Australia, but I have not been able get one. I know how huge it is. Even though I bowl well, it is still a huge deal. [at other times]I haven’t been able get a five-for. So I am truly happy for him. It’s an amazing occasion to win in Australia.

He also added:

If I am to be a part of his happiness and the success of the group, I must feel like I belong there. If I feel like I am being ignored, how can I expect to show up at a party to share in the team’s and team-mate’s success. I went back to the bedroom and spoke to my wife. My children were also there. We were able, you know, to ignore it and still made it to my party because we had won an enormous series at the end of the day.”

This Ashwin interview is an exceptional gem. A great cricketer at a time when he has fully grasped the game. He is also able articulate the nuances so well that he gives ample time for a brilliant writer who has watched Ashwin’s entire career. The mood is perfect. The dance is addictive.

Nikhil Chopra, a former spinner, commented on the comments of Ashwin, saying that Ashwin was right to be disappointed by Shastri’s comments. He also said that it is impossible to give different treatment to different players.

Chopra said:

“Shastri named Kuldeep Yadav the greatest overseas spinner. These things are necessary to give confidence to a player. However, it is important to respect other members of your team. Ashwin should be disappointed. Different treatment cannot be given to different players.

Ashwin has been at his peak in the last 12 month and the legendary spinner will be looking to make a difference in the series against South Africa.

Edited by Shourjo Chaterjee

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