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Letter to the Editor: Take systemic action to prevent environmental destruction

Letter to the Editor: Take systemic action to prevent environmental destruction

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Since more than 150 years, our culture has been built on the burning fossil fuels. For heating our homes, buildings, and production of electricity, we have used coal, oil, and natural gas. We also use them to develop plastics, medicines, and produce tens of thousands more products. We are now at the point that we cannot live without fossil fuels. They have been cheap, plentiful, and seemingly endless in supply so we have been burning them.

For many years, scientists have been warning us about the high costs of our dependence on natural gas, oil, and coal. This has led to an enormously successful society. However, scientists have never been taken seriously enough by anyone to actually take meaningful actions. We are now paying the price with the heating and subsequent weather events.

Despite the best efforts of various governments, 150 years of nonstop extracting from the ground and burning huge amounts of fossil fuels will not be reversed. What is required to reverse our dependency on fossil fuels, and the damage to our environment? We need to change our economic, financial, and transportation systems. If we are to save the most life on Earth, these massive changes must be made. Anything less than that will be blowing in to the wind.

Len Frenkel
South Portland

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