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LONGi to Participate in the SolarButterfly World Tour, Searching for Climate Change Solutions

LONGi to Participate in the SolarButterfly World Tour, Searching for Climate Change Solutions

XI’AN (China), March 21, 2022/CNW/ – A mobile solar-powered home in the form of a large butterfly is about to set off on a global tour to find pioneers and projects with the aim of reducing global warming. Larso, the SolarButterfly is a name for Larso and aims to record, record, and publish 1,000 climate change solutions and pioneers to inspire millions more people to do the same. LONGi has been announced. The world’s most valuable company in solar technology will be a key partner for this project.

SolarButterfly is a practical example of sustainable living that emits zero carbon emissions. Its unique feature is its roof mechanism that opens and spreads to form large “butterfly wings”, with a large wingspan. These wings have solar panels covering 80 m2 attached to them. The panels are powered by LONGi ultra-high-efficiency solar cells that absorb solar energy. This energy can be used to power the internal equipment of SolarButterfly as well as to charge the electric car that tows it. The SolarButterfly is 10 meters long and 13 meters wide when the wings are fully extended. It is constructed using advanced technology and materials that include waste plastic gathered at sea. After the waste plastic has been collected, it is subject to a unique process that makes it a viable main material. The SolarButterfly is currently being built near Luzerne. Central Switzerland.

LONGi’s projects complement and align with SolarButterfly. LONGi hopes this project will bring more Europeans into its solar technology company. It also provides LONGi with an enhanced understanding of European customers. We hope it will also provide opportunities for collaboration in areas such as technological innovation, research and development, and industry development.

SolarButterfly will visit over 1,000 projects that are focused on slowing climate change. It will host events that involve the local population, schools, as well as political leaders. The project will be implemented in phases. It will begin with a 22,000 km tour across 30 countries. Europe. According to the route, the SolarButterfly will visit five additional continents before concluding the tour. ParisOn December 12, 2025Just in time for the tenth year anniversary of the climate accord. 

After the Europe World Tour which will be held from May to June, November 2022The following itinerary and schedule for the SolarButterfly is as follows:

1. Asia: March – October 2023
2. Australia: November – December 2023
3. North America: March 2024August 2024
4. South America: August 2024November 2024
5. Africa: February 2025August 2025
6. Europe: August 2025December 2025

LONGi has a mission to “Utilizing Solar Energy. Building a Green World.” It is committed to being the world’s most prominent solar energy technology company and to advancing the global transition towards sustainable energy. LONGI is focused on providing optimal customer value. It has years of experience in providing high-quality and affordable renewable energy solutions to the public that are consistent with the company’s sustainable development principles. LONGi’s participation in this project offers a unique opportunity to make a contribution to green energy transformation, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to sufficient living space for four, the SolarButterfly will have on board an integrated TV studio meant for recording and disseminating reports on sustainable solutions and pioneers via both social media and conventional media platforms. It will also be a highly energy-efficient space with solar-powered water heaters as well as rainwater collection and purification systems for supplying potable water.

LONGi was established in 2000. It is committed to being the leading global solar technology company. LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers, cells and modules, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. LONGi has been able to improve its ability to supply green energy and, more recently, has also adopted green hydrogen products to support global zero-carbon development.


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