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Northland and Manawat welcome hazardous waste removal

Northland and Manawat welcome hazardous waste removal

After projects to clean-up and remediate the pollution effects, two locations in Northland have been made safer for the community.

Today, Environment Minister David Parker welcomed the safe removal hazardous waste from Sustainable Solvents Ltd in Ruakaka (Northland).

“This project involved safe disposal and cleaning up the site infrastructure. David Parker stated that the cleanup of the Sustainable Solvents site’s hazardous waste solvents is complete.

The Sustainable Solvents Ltd site had an estimated tonnage and volume of solvents and wastes that were removed and disposed off.

490,000.00 litres of solvents and solvent-contaminated water

2,950,000 litres contaminated bund water

300 tonnes solvent sludge

75 tonnes general non-hazardous refuse

4,300 drums, containers and bottles

The project was completed within the 3 million dollar budget.

March 2022 will see the completion of the final report that details disposal receipts as well as destruction certificates to Whangarei District Council.

Collaboration between the Ministry for the Environment (Mfe), the Environmental Protection Authority and Whangarei District Council, Worksafe and Northland Regional Council led to the positive results.

David Parker stated that it was regrettable that the cleanup cost was borne by the central and local government rather than the people who created the problem.

“This was partly due to the short limitation period for lodging proceedings under the current Resource Management Act. We have already extended it from six months to twelve months. As we reform the resource management system, we plan to increase that in the new Natural and Built Environments Act.

David Parker also welcomed the progress on a new water supply to the hakea community of Manawatu. This is after community concerns about the potential effects of PFAS from firefighting foam at the Ohakea base.

“I am pleased to see that good progress is being made in the construction and operation of the hakea Rural Water Scheme, Manawat. I would like to thank Manawat District Council for their efforts in bringing the scheme to life.

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“The Government contributes $10.88 million to the project, with additional funding from Manawat District Council. David Parker stated that the community will have safe drinking water.

A one-million litre water reservoir is almost complete. The handover will be on 10 January 2022. The design of the water treatment plant has been completed. The water scheme will be operational in March 2022.

“Remediation, cleanup, and re-use of contaminated land are top priorities, especially if contaminants are within close proximity to buildings, water, or the community.

David Parker stated, “Progress at these sites is helping to take care of both the environment and the well-being of the community.”

These initiatives are funded by Mfe’s Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund.

(With inputs from the New Zealand Government Press Release

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