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Overnight Energy & Environment EPA advisers support tighter soot standards

Overnight Energy & Environment EPA advisers support tighter soot standards

Overnight Energy & Environment EPA advisers back tighter soot standards

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Today we are looking at the EPA’s new soot quality standards, the latest proposal from the Agriculture Department on green farming, as well as how “bomb cyclones” may become more common.

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Lets jump in.

Draft calls for stricter air quality standards

After the Trump administration refused to make such a move, the Environmental Protection Agencys’ (EPA) science advisers suggested that the agency increase its air quality standards for polluting soot.

The Friday’s new draft is outAccording to the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, (CASAC), all CASAC members agree that the current annual standard is not sufficient to protect public health and should be lowered.

This is the story so farLate 2020 saw the Trump administration decline to raise the standard for pollution from soot, leaving it at its current level under the Obama administration.

However, in June 2021, Biden’s administration stated that it would reconsider its decision.

In October, the agency found evidence for tightening this standard. In a draft assessment, it stated that air quality analyses and risks can reasonably be interpreted as putting into question the quality of public health protection afforded under the… standards.

As critics noted, Trump’s decision was controversial. Not to be missed: Review of findingsBy the agencyResearchers have found that pollution exposure can lead to premature deaths of as many as 52,100 people. They suggest that stricter standards could help save thousands.

Toxic pollution has been linked with heart attacks, aggravated asthma, decreased lung function, and premature deaths.

This type of pollution is caused by a variety of sources, including fires, smokestacks, construction sites, and pollution from power plants and cars.

So what’s new?The CASAC has released a new draft that supports the EPAs plans. Expected to propose rulesThat reevaluates the current standards this summer, and finalizes it next year.

According to the document, CASAC members overwhelmingly voted for a lower standard. They should allow concentrations between 8 and 10 micrograms of soot per cubic meter.

A minority of the members preferred a stricter standard of between 10-11 micrograms/cubic meter.

Learn more about the proposal.

USDA pledges $1B in climate-friendly farming

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), will invest up $1 billion in pilot programs that reduce climate-warming emissions and store carbon to prevent them escaping into the air.

The department announced Monday its new Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities initiative. It will support climate-smart farmers and ranchers, as well as forest landowners.

What is eligible?The initiative can fund practices that are eligible Includereforestation and sustainable management of forests, and feed management for livestock to reduce the amount they produce.

The Commodity Credit Corporation will finance the project. This government-owned corporation is responsible for funding programs established by Congress.

USDA will provide targeted funding to meet demand national and international and expand market opportunities climate-smart commodities in order to increase American producers’ competitive advantage, Agriculture Secretary Tom VilsackTom VilsackUSDAStatement on the program.

It was met with some Republican resistance, as Sen. Roger MarshallRoger W. MarshallSwalwell criticizes House Republican’s promotion of funding in the bill she voted down The Hill’s Morning Report – Biden takes it on its chin GOP senator plans FAUCI Act following clash at hearing MORE(R-Kan.), accused the department trying to circumvent Congress.

While I support conservation and believe farmers are the original conservationists I write to you today to express concerns about the USDA using the Commodity Credit Corp. account to try to circumvent the Farm Bill process, where programs are established by and with congressional approval. Vilsack received the letter on Monday.

Learn more about the announcement.


Experts believe that the warming of the oceans through climate change creates the ideal conditions for more bombcyclone events such as the one that ravaged the Northeast in late January with extreme winter weather.

The storm brought 23.6 inches of snow to Boston, breaking the single-day snowfall record. It also caused at least four deaths on Long Island. Nearly 9,000 Massachusetts residents were without power for the remainder.

Bomb cyclone, also known under the name explosive cyclogenesis is caused by the rapid rise of air close to the planet’s surface, which causes barometric pressures drop. The intensity of the storms is usually directly proportional in relation to the pressure.

Climatologists agree that, while it is unclear if climate change has caused more hurricanes and storms, it likely correlates more severe storms. Barry Keim, a University of Louisiana climatologist who also serves as the state climateologist, said that there is likely to be a similar dynamic with bombcyclones.

It’s a bit like a hurricane intensification. It’s the exact same type of phenomenon, except that we are not dealing with hurricanes. Keim stated that in this case, we aren’t dealing with tropical cyclones but with what we refer to as extra-tropical hurricanes.

Keim stated that further research is needed to determine the direct relationship between climate change, explosive cyclogenesis, and ocean temperatures. However, increasing ocean temperatures increase the likelihood of bomb cyclones.

Keim stated that the oceans are warming in general. Additionally, warmer surface temperatures can fuel bombcyclones such as the Arctic intrusion of air from Canada. [you]Have it slowly drift off to the East Coast, where it began[s]Interacting with this warm, moist air.

Find out more about the phenomenon.


President BidenJoe BidenBiden to Visit Israel Later in the Year Working class Insecurity and Build Back better Experts Open the Door to Lifting Last Mask Mandates MOREMonday’s statement by the Kremlin insisting that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline connecting Russia and Germany would be shut down if it launched a new military invasion of Ukraine, was a clear indication that this would happen.

If Russia invades Ukraine, that would mean tanks and troops crossing the border of Ukraine once more, then there won’t be a Nord Stream 2 anymore. Biden, together with Olaf Scholz, stated that they will put an end to it at a joint press conference. I can promise you that we will be able.

Biden did little to expand on the conversations with Scholz regarding the pipeline. He also did not explain how the U.S. would ensure that the pipeline was halted, given that it is German-controlled. Scholz said there would not be daylight between the United States and Germany, but declined to address the issue of the pipeline project which has been a source for tension between the U.S.A and Germany.

Scholz stated that we have prepared everything to be ready for any military aggression against Ukraine. He also added in English, “We will be united.” We will all work together, and we will all take the necessary steps.

Scholz stated that Russia would be subject to severe sanctions if Ukraine invades it, but declined further details.

Learn more at The Hills Morgan Chalfant.


  • The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will reexamineLaura Daniel-Davis will be nominated as Interiors assistant secretary for land and mineral management. The nomination will also considerBiden’s picks to lead the Energy Information Administration or the Energy Departments Office of Electricity
  • The House Oversight Committee is holding a Hearing examining Big Oils climate pledges
  • The House Natural Resources Committee will host a HearingThe title of the article is “Justice. Equity. Diversity. and Inclusion in Environmental Policy Making : The Role Of Environmental Organizations And Grantmaking Foundations.”



And last but not least, something completely offbeat and unorthodox: Peak Peacock

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