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Overnight Energy & Environment – Forever chemical suits face time crunch
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Overnight Energy & Environment – Forever chemical suits face time crunch

Overnight Energy & Environment 'Forever chemical' suits face time crunch

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Today we are looking at ways in which legal deadlines could prevent chemical lawsuits from being filed forever, energy preparations in the event of Russia invading Ukraine, and confirmation hearings for former Trump officials.

Rachel Frazin was the Hill’s editor and ZackBudryk was the reporter. Write to us with tips [email protected] [email protected] us on Twitter:@RachelFrazinand@BudrykZack.

Lets jump in.

After exposure to toxic chemicals, seek justice

This is Part 1 in a four-part series. You can find more information at throughout the week.

Brenda Hampton believes the heart attack that she suffered last month could be a blessing in disguise. It will give her a second chance to challenge the complex legal system that has prevented her from seeking compensation over years of renal disease.

I feel like God is opening the door for my. Hampton, who founded Concerned Citizens in WMEL, (West Morgan and East Lawrence), Water Authority told The Hill that she has a feeling like that.

Hampton is the founder of Concerned citizens of North Alabama, also known as Concerned Grassroots. Hampton has been raising awareness on the severe contamination by forever chemicals through her group. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substancesThese problems have plagued areas of Alabama’s Lawrence County for decades. Hampton is one of them.

PFAS can sometimes be called “forever chemicals” because they can accumulate in the human body over time instead of being broken down. They also can linger in the surrounding environment for decades.

Hampton, 66 has been involved in the investigation of contamination in northern Alabama ever since 2015. Hampton also brought bottled drinking water to the impacted residents and has been involved in local legal battles between affected water agencies, residents, and Hampton. Hampton’s grandparents and mother both died from renal failure in 2001, four years after Hampton was given a kidney.

Hampton, who has been suffering from renal disease since 2015, had long ago given up on the idea of pursuing a suit, knowing that it was too late from a legal standpoint. There is a two year limit on contamination claims under the state statute of limitations.


Alabama has one the strictest laws in the nation: Plaintiffs can sue the state within two years of becoming ill, rather than after the actual cause of the illness is known.

Alabama, along with Michigan and Idaho, do not have or have very limited versions if what is called a discovery rules when it comes toxic exposures. This sets them apart from the majority of states.

Although statutes that limit liability in many other states can be restrictive, they do allow plaintiffs to delay filing a lawsuit until they have established a causal link.

Experts said that plaintiffs seeking damages without a discovery ruling face a nearly impossible hurdle. This is despite the fact that they may not have even heard of PFAS before the statute of limitations expires.

In Alabama, the clock starts to tick when an injury occurs. However, in Michigan, it starts sooner when pollution occurs even if the affected are not aware.

Some resistance:Activists are putting increasing pressure on statutes of limitations. They believe that people should have more time to sue.

How can you impose a statute on something people didn’t know existed? Erin Brockovich (environmental advocate) was asked this question by Erin Brockovich. She sued PG&E for contamination with a different chemical that occurred in California.

Brockovich stated, “That doesn’t make any sense.” Who are these laws protecting?

Hampton is optimistic after her heart attack. Hampton is hopeful that her heart attack could be considered a different injury to the renal failure and that it will give her a second chance to start a new clock.

Learn more about this situation and other similar legal obstacles here.

Energy contingency planning for Europe

A senior administration official stated Tuesday that the Biden administration is working with European countries as well as major energy companies to prepare for a scenario where a Russian invasion in Ukraine would cause a shortage of natural gas in Europe.

Official described the discussions as contingency planning in case of a Russian invasion of natural gas infrastructures or Russian PresidentVladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich PutinSenators gather to discuss Russia sanctions as tensions rise Schumer requests a Senate briefing about Ukraine amid Russia tensions Biden rushes in an attempt to pressure Russia as Ukraine fears increase MOREThe European Union responds to sanctions triggered in response to an incursion by cutting off supply to European nations.

The official stated that they were working with companies and countries around the globe to ensure supply security and to mitigate against price shocks affecting both American citizens and the global economy.

The Biden administration is identifying non-Russian gas stocks from North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. It is also collaborating with major natural gas producers to discuss possible surging supplies for Europe.

The official declined the offer to name specific companies or countries with whom the Biden administration is currently in talks about alternative supply.

CNNRecently, it was reportedThe talks also include Qatar and Norway.

Russia supplies over 40% of Europe’s natural gas. A large portion of this natural gas flows through Ukraine. Germany, in particular, is heavily dependent on Russian gas and oil. There are concerns about the possible impact on the European market if Russia invades.

A second senior official from the administration stated that Russia could take action to cut energy supplies to Europe, which would have negative effects on Moscow’s economy.

This is not an asymmetric benefit for Putin. According to the official, it is interdependency.

You can read more from The Hills Morgan Chalfant about the situation.


General Motors announced Tuesday that it will invest $7 billion in four new Michigan manufacturing plants for electric vehicles in its quest to become the market leader in electric cars by 2025.

GM and LG Energy will jointly invest $2.6 billion to build a new facility in Lansing, Mich. that will produce GM’s Ultium battery platform and engine platform. This base will allow for a wide range of electric pickups or SUVs.

Barra stated that GM will spend $4 billion to upgrade an existing Orion Township facility to produce electric Chevy Silverado pickup trucks and GMC Sierra pickup trucks. This will increase GM’s annual production to approximately 600,000.

Barra stated that GM will also invest $510million to upgrade two other Lansing area plants for short-term projects.

President BidenJoe BidenFox News reporter claims that Biden called him “son of a b —-‘ remark Peloton responded after another TV character suffers a heart attack on its bike. Defense & National Security Pentagon places 8,500 troops on high alertThis deal is the latest sign my economic strategy is supporting an historic American manufacturing revival, pointing out the $100 billion invested in electric vehicle manufacturing during the past year.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder stated that GM expects to create 4,000 new jobs, which will translate into $35 billion in economic opportunity in the next 20 years. Gretchen WhitmerGretchen WhitmerMichigan governor asks lawmakers to triple the tax credit for low and moderate-income workers Whitmer is leading ex-Detroit police chief in reelection bid. Youngkin, a poll Virginian, gets the DeSantis treatment by media MORE(D) stated to reporters.

You can read more about The Hills Saul Elbein by clicking here.

Trump admin questions Wheeler about time

Andrew WheelerAndrew WheelerVirginia leaves multi-state alliance backing EPA in climate suit Overnight Energy & Environment Lummis is held up Biden EPA selects 150 ex-EPA employees to ask Virginia legislators to oppose Wheeler’s nomination, Virginia Gov. Glenn YoungkinGlenn YoungkinDemocrats are losing ground with suburban and independent voters: poll There is a bipartisan path to election and voter protections Virginia’s Republican AG calls on the Supreme Court to repeal Roe v Wade MORETuesday’s state legislature question the (R) nominee to state secretary for natural resources. The question was raised about his time as an ex-minister. President TrumpDonald TrumpSheldon Silver, former New York Assembly Speaker, is dead at 77 Biden and Democrats lose ground with independent voters and suburban voters: poll Bipartisan Senate Group discusses changes in election laws Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head.

At Tuesday’s confirmation hearing before VirginiaSenates Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee, state senator Joseph Morrissey (D), questioned Wheeler about why he couldn’t convince Trump that climate change was real.

Morrissey praised Wheeler for being a persuasive and articulate individual. He then asked him why he didn’t convince his former boss President Trump about climate change and its potentially devastating effects on the environment.

Wheeler’s response:Wheeler replied that Trump had not taken any specific climate actions, such as the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017. This was before Wheeler joined EPA in 2018. He said that his discussions with Trump were more focused on issues such as vehicle fuel economy standards and regulations for power plants.

What other topics did he speak of?Wheeler also addressed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative(RGGI) during the hearing. This is an 11-state carbon marketplace that Virginia joined in 2021. Youngkin promised to withdraw from the compact but environmentalists and advocates claim he doesn’t have the authority to do so, since the legislature voted in favor of joining it. Youngkin called instead for the State Air Pollution Control Board (State Air Pollution Control Board) to vote on whether to exit in an executive order.

When Wheeler was asked if he agreed that “RGGI can’t be adjusted, modified or eliminated by edicts of the governor” and that it must be done by the General Assembly, Wheeler replied “I think that will form part of the assessment. [the state Department of Environmental Quality]is undertaking, but right now RGGI seems to be the law of state.”

You can read more about the hearing by clicking here.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in a bulletin obtained from several media outlets, warned that domestic extremists were planning to attack the U.S. electricity power infrastructure.

According to the department, both domestic violent extremists as well as extremists motivated more specifically by racial animus are considered potential targets for attack.

DVEs have devised credible, specific plans for attacking electricity infrastructure since at most 2020. The bulletin states that the electric grid is a target because of its interdependency with other infrastructures. The Daily BeastThe memo was first reported by.

Find out more about The Hills Rebecca Beitsch at this link.


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