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People: Healthy people equals a healthier environment

People: Healthy people equals a healthier environment

People: Healthy people equals a healthy environment

Guess how long the fittest man in India works every day? Milind Soman says it takes twenty minutes. Milind Soman says that this is not enough time to do one stretch. A typical day begins with five- to six minutes of planks, followed by a minute or two of push-ups. There is one set of pull ups during the day and one in the evening. He believes that this is enough. 

Minute by minute  

Milind finds it easy to convince people to exercise. I encourage people to start by taking just one minute. He said that is all. There is no need to spend a lot of money on equipment or clothes. You need to start with yourself. It is about you learning more about your body. This must be an internal exercise. You will soon be able to do 10 push-ups a day, and then you can go on to do 11 and 20. You will soon become obsessed with your ability as you do them. The greatest motivation is achievement. You must be self-motivated. You can become self-motivated by setting small, achievable goals and feeling good about yourself.

Actor and model at 56, he just completed the Veebas Earthmade Orix 10-day Green RideEk Pehal Hawa ki Ahu initiative. During this time, he drove, cycled, and ran an eco-friendly car while traversing north India.

Milind has been someone I have looked up to for many years. He was wearing nothing but a snake on every shoot. Viraj Bahl (founder of Veeba) says that working with him is a dream come to life.   

Milind believes that humans don’t do anything good for their children, other than sending them to school to learn from someone else.

Milind’s belief that everyone can save the world, but that it takes time to make a difference, led to Milind’s association with the Green Ride.

I want people to see that health and the environment are closely connected. If we all did our best for ourselves, there would be no need to do anything for the environment. We are all part the environment. He points out that saving ourselves is also saving the environment.  

He loves trees, which you would know if he read his Instagram bio. He also planted a tree at every stop.

I believe that people should return to their villages, have a piece of land and grow their food. I do it. Milind says it brings a lot of joy.  

You do you! 

Milind believes that personal satisfaction plays a significant role in your decision to stay or get better. Running is his favorite sport, simply because it’s something he loves. I don’t run to achieve any particular goal. I don’t run to lose weight, or to win the Olympics. He says it’s something I do for me, and points out that doing things you love because you love them is key to a happy and healthy life.  

Milind Soman strongly believes that fitness is deeply rooted within mental health

You often work for people or circumstances other than yourself. This includes your job, career and children. You don’t do anything for yourself. You may think that doing things for your family makes it happy. But again, it doesn’t. This is not true. You do it because you feel responsible and because you want to make the people you love happy. But that is not your happiness. It is their happiness. He explains that it is important to not let go of something you love doing.

He tells people who are nostalgic about the activities they enjoyed in college or school that they should get back into them.

Do it for five to six minutes each day. Even if you love to sing but are terrible at it, don’t let that stop you from trying. Only joy can help you learn about your own self. He adds that learning about yourself is key to being healthy.  

Set an example  

Running is for Milind like meditation. It’s when thoughts flow and he doesn’t hold on to anything. He says that it clears my head of all the things I don’t need.  

You and the environment

According to the man who gives fitness FOMO, physical well-being is deeply rooted within mental health. He says that many people find what brings them joy only after they reach 30. I was 20 years old when I was offered a job as a model. I didn’t know it was a career. I worked in hotels, at different companies, and I was studying to become an engineer, which I didn’t want to do. However, my parents, society, and friends encouraged me to do it, he admits. If parents set an example for their kids, the only thing that can bring about significant change is setting an example.

This was the case in the past, but today humans are the only species who don’t model good behavior for their children. We are so involved in the outside world that we dont do anything thats good for our kids, except send them to school to learn from somebody else, he says. 

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