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President Kovind: India’s Standing is Strengthened in Rapidly Evolving Global Environment

President Kovind: India’s Standing is Strengthened in Rapidly Evolving Global Environment

India’s position in the rapidly changing global climate has been strengthened through improved diplomatic relations, President Ram Nath Kovind declared on Monday. Kovind addressed a joint sitting of both Houses at the beginning of the Budget Session and also spoke about instability and volatility in Afghanistan. He also discussed how India had flown a number of its citizens, as well as many Afghan Hindus and Sikhs from Kabul, to address the issues.

The President stated that India is supporting Afghanistan by delivering humanitarian supplies and foodgrain. “India has strengthened its standing in the rapidly evolving global environment through improvement in diplomatic relations. He said that India was the August 2021 chair of the United Nations Security Council and made many groundbreaking decisions. “Under the presidency of India, for the first time, the Security Council held a comprehensive debate on the issue of maritime security. He said that the Security Council unanimously adopted a Presidential Statement on the subject for its first time.

Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, Kovind particularly mentioned India’s evacuation mission christened “Operation Devi Shakti”. “We have witnessed instability and volatility in our neighbouring country, Afghanistan. He said that despite the current situation, India launched Operation Devi Shakti in the spirit of humanity.

“Despite the challenging conditions, we successfully airlifted a number of our citizens and many Afghan Hindu and Sikh minorities from Kabul. We also brought back two ‘swaroops’ of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib safely amidst difficult situations,” Kovind said. Following the Taliban’s capture of power, India evacuated a total of 448 Indians and 206 Afghans from Afghanistan as part of the evacuation mission. “From the humanitarian point of view, India is helping Afghanistan by delivering medical supplies and foodgrains,” Kovind said.

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