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Protect yourself in an industrial work environment

Protect yourself in an industrial work environment

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When it comes to your safety, you cannot afford to take risks. Accidents can happen at any job. Accidents can vary depending on what equipment and tools are used at work. Industrial accidents are more common than you might think. They can involve dangerous chemicals, heavy machinery, or heavy equipment.

Your safety is one of the most important things you should pay attention to at work. After all, your industry depends upon your services. There are many ways to ensure safety while working in any industry. High-quality safety supplies is one of them. Safety supplies and harmony lab offer a wide selection of industry-specific protective safety products to keep you safe while working.

Are you looking for personal protective supplies that are specific to your industry? Look no further. Here are some supplies that you can expect to find. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies:

N95 respirator equipped with the cool flow val

Are you experiencing difficulties in your work because of the hot and humid weather? Don’t worry! The cool flow valves in this respirator will reduce heat concentration and keep you cool all the time. The respirator has the following features: ProtectionNon-oily liquids as well as solid aerosols are prohibited Headband straps are extremely durable and will not break, so you can be sure of your safety.

You’re probably thinking about your size. You can be sure of a perfect fit with the aluminum m-shaped nasal clip. The soft foam face seal is another great feature. It is easy to contour and provides protection and comfort.

Protective eyewear 3M CSS with foam gasket

Dusty work can be a problem in construction, chipping, and demolition industries. These safety glasses are lightweight and have contoured temples. Your exposure to dust is greatly reduced thanks to an easy-to-dispose foam gasket. The glasses feature an anti-fog coated lens that minimizes fogging in humid environments.

Are they able to fall while working? The glasses’ temples have an earplug control system(CCS) that is useful in strapping and keeping the glasses in place while you are at work. The wrap-around design gives you complete protection without blurring your eyes.

3M 6001 organic vapor cartridge

Chemical industries, such as petrochemicals and chemical manufacturing, can expose you to toxic chemicals that can cause respiratory issues if inhaled. You can choose from a full-piece or a half-piece cartridge. A full-piece organic vape cartridge protects you from organic vapor concentrations up 50 times the permissible exposure limit (PEM). A half-piece cartridge, however, can protect you up to 10x the PEM.

P 100 particulate air filter

The lightweight, easy to use BreathingParticulate filters are suitable to specific oil. Non-oil particle such as lead, arsenic or asbestos can be used in pharmaceuticals, construction and agriculture. They can also be used for general manufacturing, welding, metal pouring, soldering, and general manufacturing. The filter is resistant against water, abrasion and flame, which ensures its durability and safety.

KleenGuard V30 Nemesis safety glasses

Are your glasses too heavy to support your head? The v30 safety glasses are so light you might forget you even have them. The ridges can be adjusted to fit your nose. Integrated ridges keep fog from your eyes and help you see clearly. The glasses’ temples are flexible to reduce pressure from long hours at work.

The safety glasses nemesis have a wrap-around style and hard coating lenses to protect your eyes against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

There are three types of lenses available: clear, smoke, indoor, or outdoor. Clear lenses have the highest light transmission and are ideal for indoor use. Smoke lenses reduce glare outdoors, while indoor/indoor lenses adjust to suit indoor or outdoor conditions.

3M safety splash goggles 334, clear lens

Protect your eyes from hazardous liquids at work Your eyes are vulnerable and require protection, especially if you work with chemicals and dangerous liquids. Splash goggles feature an indirect venting system that allows for air circulation and fog reduction, while still protecting your eyes.

The goggles are ideal for outdoor activities due to their 99.99% UV absorbency. The safety straps on the goggles prevent any risk of the goggles slipping while you are at work.

3M 8233 N100 respirator helmet

This type of respirator mask is versatile and can be used multiple times. It has a 99.97% filtration efficiency, which is higher than non-oil-based substances found in a single-use respirator. It has a cup shape and an electrostatic media filter that reduces breathing resistance. You don’t have to worry about wearing it for long hours. It also features a sponge face lock and smooth inner fabric for your comfort.

The mask’s other notable features are head straps with fasteners and a flexible nose clip to fit any nose universally. The 3M N100 respirator can be worn comfortably with several eye and protective ears. If you have concerns about latex allergy, the mask is free from latex.

The N 100 respirator masks are required in high humidity and hot areas.

Do not take chances

Just like other aspects of your family, work is a part of your daily life. It is important to protect yourself from injury while working. Harmony lab & Supplies has the right equipment for you, no matter what industry you work in.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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