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Role of an individual when protecting the environment
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Role of an individual when protecting the environment

Role of an individual in protecting the environment

Role of an individual when protecting the environment

There are billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe, and billions upon billions of planets in our galaxy. But our Earth is the only one that is habitable.

Published on| Author BILAL BASHIR BHAAT

 Your personal actions/activities can either improve or decrease the environment’s quality. Many environmental problems can be caused by human activities. There are many environmental threats to the environment, including global warming, climate change and deforestation.  We all share the responsibility for the environmental problems we create. This means that all of us can solve the problems if they understand our responsibilities and take steps to protect it. There are several actions that people can take to protect the environment. Remember that our earth can provide for our needs, but not our greed. Without a healthy environment, human existence is not possible. It is important to understand this early so that it can be beneficial for future generations. Prevention is better than treatment.


We must recognize that each person is responsible for the environment in which we live. While the majority of people want a safer environment, not all want to make drastic lifestyle changes that would improve the environment. People need clean water. They block roads when it isn’t available. But many people don’t hesitate to put hazardous waste directly into the water bodies, making them unfit for human consumption. Plastic pollution can be reduced by using fans instead of ACs, using public transport instead, carrying your own water bottle, and using reusable diapers. These little changes in habits and behaviours can play a significant role in protecting the environment and conserving it.  It is not possible to solve environmental problems by relying on technology alone. Individuals are responsible for determining the quality and quantity of life. This means that individuals need to be aware of environmental issues and their consequences, as well as a firm resolve for ethical living.


Our constitution enshrines fundamental duties that require individuals to protect the environment to ensure that every person has a clean environment, dignity, and harmony. Article 51A (g) states that the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen is to protect & improve the natural environment including forest, lakes, rivers & wildlife & to have compassion for living creatures”. As long as the natural processes are not overloaded, some of our wastes may be diluted, decomposed, and recycled indefinitely. Natural processes can also provide flood prevention and erosion control services at no cost. These resources are valuable and should be valued. We can start fixing the problems by teaching our families and friends that the environment is fragile. Only environmental awareness and consciousness can make people aware that their actions can help to restore the damage they have caused.


Each year, the environment’s quality is declining rather than improving. There are still many things we can do as individuals to change this story. These environmental threats are becoming more serious and urgently need to be addressed at all levels. This includes at the local, national, and global levels. It is vital that individuals play a role in the prevention of environmental problems. Individuals are what make a nation or community. Every individual can make a difference at their own level and have a significant impact on the world. It has been aptly said “charity begins at home”. Environment-conscious and inspired individuals are the best tools to address environmental problems at local level. This is because individuals can tackle environmental problems more effectively if they are more familiar with the issues at local level and have a better understanding of how they affect their daily lives. It is more cost-effective to educate individuals about environmental issues. Individuals should encourage others not to live in unhealthy ways for the environment.


(The Author Is an Environmental Specialist.

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