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Samsung to use repurposed ocean bound plastics in its Galaxy devices

Samsung to use repurposed ocean bound plastics in its Galaxy devices

Samsung said Monday that it will incorporate recycled ocean-bound plastics into its entire product range, starting with the new Galaxy smartphones that will be unveiled at Unpacked on February 9th.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (640,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded each year, posing a risk to marine life. Ghost fishing nets are also known as these. They can be found in the marine ecosystem for hundreds to years and can lead to the accidental capture of marine animals such as turtles and dolphins.

The new material is made from recycled fishing nets from the ocean. It has been developed by a South Korean firm to reduce its environmental footprint, and promote sustainable living for the Galaxy community.

These ‘ghost nets, which have been lingering in our oceans for centuries are responsible for trapping and intangling marine life, causing damage to coral reefs and natural habitats, and even ending up in our food supplies and water sources. Samsung released a statement saying that the first steps to keeping our oceans clean are to collect and repurpose these nets.

The company stated that “Repurposing ocean bound plastics is only one step in our collective mission of addressing the climate crisis. Samsung looks forward to using its scale, innovation, and open collaboration to discover additional solutions.”

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