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Solar panels for shelter are beneficial to dogs and the environment

Solar panels for shelter are beneficial to dogs and the environment

Solar panels at shelter benefit dogs and environment
  • By Wong Yu–huan
    Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, together with staff writer

A shelter for animals in New Taipei City’s Jhonghe District ()The city’s first use of solar panels has made it the most affordable place to buy dog food.

According to the agency, solar panels were installed on the shelter roofs last month covering nearly 1,000m2. This was possible thanks to a joint venture by the city government with a photovoltaic company.

The semiconductive material used sunlight to generate electricity has been used in the solar panels, Huang Chiawen, agency deputy director. () said.

Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office

The project will help Taiwan’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. It also has a cooling effect on shelters, she explained, adding that solar panels have improved shelter insulation and air circulation in dog pen shelters.

The panels power air conditioners, which would lower temperatures in the dog pen by 3C-5C during summer, Huang Chihting, shelter veterinarian () said.

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She stated that the solar cells can generate 76,000 kilowatts and cut carbon emissions by 338,000 tonnes. That is equivalent to planting 3199 trees.

She explained that the shelter has been able to extract value from unused floor space, improve animal conditions, and protect the natural environment through the green energy project.

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