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Textbooks to be enhanced with environmental subjects

Textbooks to be enhanced with environmental subjects

TEHRAN Lessons containing environmental content will be included within twelve textbooks in an effort to raise awareness among students regarding environmental protection, according to a Ministry of Education official.

Sadeq Sattari stated that we want to encourage the culture of environment preservation among students in order for them to benefit from a healthy future environment. 

Sattari earlier this month stated that the Ministry of Education will implement the supporters of the environmental plan in the next school-year (beginning September 23). This plan focuses on the environment’s importance in a healthy and happy life.

He explained that the plan’s main objectives include the preservation of vital natural resources, the institutionalization of environmental protection culture, the expansion of society’s knowledge about the environment, as well as encouraging students to participate in environmental protection activities.

Ayatollah Ali Khanei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has stressed the need to develop nonfossil energy sources, including renewables, as well as expand activities to protect and preserve the environment.

He explained that the destruction of forests, the environment, and vegetation is equivalent in nature to the degradation and degrading of national interests. The depletion of a portion of the forests for construction is, except in emergency situations, definitely to the nation’s detriment.

Protecting the environment is a serious task. It is important to protect the two vital resources and natural assets, water and soil. Authorities must consider the views of experts when making this decision.

The Leader called on people to plant trees and protect them, noting that this important work requires national support. Tree planting is one way to stop the loss of forests within cities and surrounding areas. It also helps to increase the vegetation cover.

On January 22, nine training packages for environmental literacy were released.

These works are called climate change, biodiversity and waste, ecotourism and sports and environment. They have the goal of educating, educating, and promoting an environmental culture with a special priority on empowering educators and facilitators to provide environmental education to members and encourage public participation in environmental protection.

Every January 19, Iran holds the National Clean Air Day. This is to remind and emphasize the main factors that affect air quality.


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