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This Entrepreneur turned the power of the environment into a successful business
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This Entrepreneur turned the power of the environment into a successful business

This Entrepreneur Transformed the Power Of the Environment Into a Successful Business

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The most important influence on our lives is what we see around us. The environment in which we live directly affects our ability to succeed or fail professionally and in relationships. The connection between the natural world was recognized by ancient Chinese philosophy. Buildings were being placed with their doors aligned to the solar sector, rather than following the winter solstice, as early as 4000 BC.


Fengshui, which is still widely practiced in China and in the far-east, has gained popularity in the West. The alignment of a building is determined by Fengshui. However, Chinese architects use the same philosophy to do the interior. Western practitioners focus on the inner flow Qi within the building. Before we talk about Fengshui and Qi, let us introduce Master Louis Loh, a world-renowned academic on the subject.

What is Fengshui?

Fengshui aims to improve Qi within and around buildings by ensuring the right location, alignment, and even the design. Qi is an energy force. In ancient times, it was believed that Qi could be either positive or negatively. This was due to the combination of the spirits of ancestors and the personal attributes of the individual. For a more successful life, the perfect burial spot was determined.

The above origins made it easy to translate Qi’s effect into buildings and their environment. If the homeowner wants to have success, wealth, happiness, and prosperity, the Qi must flow in an even direction through their home.

Master Louis Loh understood that Fengshui was only one part of the path to happiness and contentment. Let’s take a look at Master Loh’s work and see why he has such an impact on so many people, both in business and in life.

Master Louis Loh

Master Loh is the founder Fengshui Republic. This unique business is the only Chinese metaphysics company to be certified ISO-9001. It is remarkable that a Fengshui-based business has achieved such an internationally recognized quality standard. What is Master Louis Lohs’ background?

Louis was inspired by his uncle, who was a Fengshui master, to study Fengshui. As a 3rdBorn in Malaysia, his interest in Chinese culture and esoteric knowledge led him to study with many of the top Fengshui masters. He then went on to pursue a Masters in Business and found his way in the corporate world.

Master Loh was 30 years old when he assumed a key role as a regional manager in a company that allowed him to travel to China, Singapore, and other Eastern countries to conduct business with clients. Master Loh was still passionate about Fengshui, and even though he was at the top of his career, he decided that Fengshui was his destiny and that he wanted to help others achieve their wealth and happiness.

Master Loh quickly made Fengshui Republic and his business experience a reality. Master Loh and a carefully chosen team of Fengshui practitioners have helped to develop new homes and design casinos in Laos. There are many other important corporate developments in the Far-East.

Worldwide Recognition and Corporate Mission

Master Loh, fluent in English and Chinese, is one of very few Fengshui masters that can speak English and Chinese. Fengshui is not limited to one type. This ancient Chinese philosophy can be used in many areas of your life.

Master Loh is unique because he has mastered important residential and tomb Fengshui techniques that are considered to be among the most powerful and important, as well as the areas that make up Fengshui.

The Malaysia Book of Records lists the 13,000-person Fengshui event that Master Louis Loh hosted as the largest virtual participation event in Malaysia’s history. He also entrusted his mission to life to Fengshui students and other people interested in the ancient philosophy that plays a major role in Chinese culture.

Fengshui Republic has more information on Master Loh and how Master Loh can help your business succeed and your personal wealth be realized. You can also visit the Fengshui Republic website, which contains details about the work that the company has done for many prestigious clients.

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