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Three-member panel to examine the impact of GO 111 on Hyderabad’s environment – The New Indian Express

Three-member panel to examine the impact of GO 111 on Hyderabad’s environment – The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD – A three-member peoples’ committee on GO 111 was formed to examine the impact of possible abolition. The committee will be composed of Dr K Babu Rao who is now retired Chief Scientist, IICT, Sagar Dahara, who was previously a member of the SC-appointed committee for Hussainsagar and Dr Rama Lingeshwar Rao who is a retired NGRI scientist and an expert on India’s stress map and seismic zone.

These experts will investigate structural weaknesses of Osmansagar’s and Himayatsagar’s reservoir dams Osmansagar, in the event that GO 111 ceases to exist. It will also investigate how years of neglect such as not dredging the soil within the twin reservoirs, allowing for retaining walls to rise, has led to their weakening and vulnerability to floods.

This is the first instance of such a committee in the country. Experts will conduct an independent study and make recommendations. Dr Lubna Sharwath said that we will inform both the Chief Minister of the MAUD Minister about this committee so that both the government and citizens can work towards finding a solution.

The scientific team will study the seismic zone’s sensitivity and the effects of various construction activities on it. They will also be studying the impacts of the high intensity rains that are becoming an annual occurrence.

The committee will also investigate the feasibility of drawing water from 100 km away. Lubna added that although the city had previously committed to being a net-zero municipality, plans to draw water from faraway locations will require electricity and the burning of fossil fuels. This is in contrast with zero energy technology at Osmansagar Lake and Hussainsagar Lake.

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In the next six month, the committee will report and will also look at how the area, from Ananthagiri up to the Mir Alam filer beds, can be declared eco-sensitive.

Report within 6 Months
In case GO 111 was repealed, the three experts will investigate structural weakness of Osmansagar & Himayatsagar reservoir dams. The committee will submit its report within six months.

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