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Train enthusiasts could win 10k to be Chief Environment Officers in the UK and promote rail travel

Train enthusiasts could win 10k to be Chief Environment Officers in the UK and promote rail travel

The UK’s rail industry launched a search to find three chief environment officers (CEOs), in conjunction with Earth Day. This will promote train travel throughout the country.

Simon Reeve, explorer and presenter, is the face of this campaign. Each winner will receive 10,000 towards their adventure.

Simon Reeve says that choosing to travel by train rather than driving reduces carbon emissions by two-thirds. This makes it a better choice for our environment.

Rail can connect you with many amazing destinations in Britain, including Buxton in the Peak District and Okehampton (Devon).

According to new research from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), 59% of Britons stated that environmental sustainability is important when they book a holiday. This figure rose to 66% among 18-34-year-olds.

It also found that 46% of Brits don’t believe that travelling by train is the most sustainable. Only 13% of Brits believe that cars are more environmentally friendly.

To be eligible to win 10k and the title as CEO, rail enthusiasts must submit a 60 second video. This video must be submitted before 23.59 on May 1. It should show a recent trip, share why they should win, and, most importantly, what sustainability means to them.

Anyone over 18 living in Great Britain is eligible to participate, provided they are not employed by Rail Delivery Group.

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After the competition closes, the winners are determined by an adventurous panel consisting of Simon Reeve and travel bloggers Chloe Wanderlust or An Adventurous World.

The Great British Rail Sale was launched by the government and rail industry on Tuesday to restore confidence and revenue lost due to the pandemic.

Travellers will be able buy half-price tickets to Advance Journeys during the sale between 25 April and 27 May.

You can apply to be a Chief Environment Officer

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