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UPDATE 1-Environment group warns Shell board about liability for emission targets

UPDATE 1-Environment group warns Shell board about liability for emission targets

A group that beat Shell last year by obtaining a Dutch court order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has warned the company’s board about possible personal liability if it fails implement the verdict. The Hague District Court ordered Shell last year to reduce carbon emissions from it, its suppliers and customers by at least 45% by 2030. This landmark decision could have serious implications for other energy companies around the globe.

Shell appeals against this ruling. Friends of the Earth/Milieudefensie stated that it sent a letter on Sunday to the company’s boards, as well as individual representatives, including CEO Ben van Beurden, stating that it was not taking any action to implement the verdict.

“Shell appealed, but the court declared that the judgment provisionally enforceable. This means that the necessary climate action cannot remain suspended pending the appeal,” the group stated in a letter. A copy of the letter was seen by Reuters. “Milieudefensie believes Shell’s directors are at risk of future personal liability if they fail to take action in accordance with the… goal to almost halve global CO2 emissions by 2030.”

Shell has not stated that it will comply with the court’s decision. It did however state Monday that its climate strategy and actions are “positioning us well to meet the court’s obligations”, and that it is examining the Mileudefensie letters. The company stated that Shell was given broad discretion by the court regarding how it would meet its 2030 reduction obligation.

The company didn’t address the question of whether directors might be personally liable for the decision. In March, the company appealed against being held responsible for customers’ emissions. However, it argued that this was not true.

Shell’s 2030 targets include reducing its emissions by more that 50%. However, its strategy involves carbon storage and offsets instead of outright reductions.

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