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West-side Reser Stadium renovations to help bring living room environment to OSU – The Daily Barometer

West-side Reser Stadium renovations to help bring living room environment to OSU – The Daily Barometer


Matthew Mckenna, OMN Photographer

The Corvallis Police Department watches over the implosion on the west side Reser Stadium’s Stadium on January 7, 2022. Renovations are expected to be completed by November 2023. Home matches will continue to be held in Reser for the 2022 seasons.

Sam Misa is a Sports Contributor

Although the Reser Stadium explosion of Jan. 7 is best remembered for awakening half of campus, others see it more as a wake-up call for Oregon State University.

Steve Clark, vice-president of University Relations and Marketing, stated that the reconstruction of Reser Stadium’s west side will benefit not only the football program but also the larger Corvallis community.

Clark said that they were completing Reser Stadium by completely redoing its west side. This will allow for one of the most modern and state-of-the-art college football stadiums in America.

Even though this is only one part of Completing Reser Stadium’s completion, which is scheduled for Fall 2023, the implosions in January set the stage for the rest of its renovations. Clark stated that this stadium will not only benefit Beaver football fans, but all OSU students.

Clark stated that the stadium is not only the best-in–show, best–in-class football venue, but it will also provide year-round activities surrounding Reser Stadium. Clark said that the new Student Welcome Center will be open all year, while the Wellness Center will also be open all year. I believe these features bring together the community, the intersection between sports, education and wellness. This is, to my knowledge a rare feat.

Scott Barnes, vice president of Athletics and director of Athletics, shared more information about the Completing Reser stadium project’s other benefits, including the Student Welcome Center, and Wellness Center.

Barnes stated that this will be a direct benefit because Completing Stadium’s founding goal is year-round usage. The new Wellness Clinic will be available to students and staff. There will also be a Welcome Center for student recruitment. Additional space will be available for conferencing and meetings. This project will also aid in the growth and stability our athletic program.

Clark elaborated on the athletics perspective and said that the newly renovated Reser Stadium would hopefully be able to attract OSU Beaver prospects.

Clark stated that the facility is a national showcase for OSU. For athletics, having a modern facility like Reser will aid in the recruitment of student athletes. It will be a showcase of the best football players from the entire team. It brings together students and spectators from all ages in a living room atmosphere.

Clark wants to make it clear that although the majority of the Reser Stadium renovations funding came from an anonymous donor who donated $50m to the cause, it is not the only one.

Clark shared that just a few moments ago, Clark revealed that Reser Stadium had raised more than $90 million. The goal was $85 [million]. Yes, there was an anonymous contribution of $50 million. But there are many other contributions that have brought that total up to more than $90 millions. [Having]A project that will cost $133 million requires more than $90 million of philanthropy. This shows that donors are open to the possibility of a transformation.

Barnes stressed the long-term impact of OSU investment in Completing Resed Stadium.

Barnes stated that the implosion marks an exciting new era in Reser Stadium. It offers significant opportunities to improve the fan experience, grow and stabilize our football program, and athletics in general. This project is a bold and thoughtful investment in the athletic program on campus and addresses general needs.

Oregon State will host the Boise State Broncos Sept. 3rd for the 2022/23 home and season opener. Reser Stadium, however, is still under construction and is scheduled to finish in Nov. 2023.

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