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Whitmer unveils Traverse City Event’s Environmental Plan

Whitmer unveils Traverse City Event’s Environmental Plan

Whitmer Unveils Environmental Plan At Traverse City Event
Whitmer Unveils Environmental Plan At Traverse City Event

Governor Gretchen Whitmer today released theMI Healthy Climate PlanA roadmap for Michigan to achieve economic-wide carbon neutrality by 2050, with interim 2030 goals.

Liesl Clark, Director of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), and business owners, tribal leaders, and students gathered at a large solar array located in Traverse City to announce Whitmer’s plans.

The MI Healthy Climate Plan proposes climate change action that would create tens or thousands of jobs in clean energy, stimulate economic development, innovation, protect clean water and air, and improve public and public health. The MI Healthy Climate Plan is a collaboration between the private sector and tribal communities across Michigan.

Climate change has had a significant impact on Michigan, from historic floods and polar vortex to dam breaks and power outages for weeks. The MI Healthy Climate Plan details actions that can be taken to address climate change, lower costs for Michiganders and ensure that every Michigan family has clean air, water and a home that is powered by clean, reliable energy.GovernorWhitmer. If we follow these steps and work with public and private sector partners, Michigan can become a place where every Michigander has clean, safe water to drink and healthy, affordable food. Today, Michigan is poised to become a global center for clean energy innovation. This will allow workers to get well-paying jobs that don’t require college degrees to advanced engineering and science careers. Our unyielding belief that a better future is possible can help us protect our public lands and the majestic Great Lakes.

This is a Michigan-only plan. It was formed by a multitude Michiganders with diverse perspectives on climate change.Liesl Clark,EGLEDirectorWe heard from people who are concerned about climate change, public transit and local food justice, as well as academic experts and officials from the local government. The MI Healthy Climate Plan will have a major impact on Michigan’s environment and economy. It is a bold plan that can be supported by a wide range of Michiganders.

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The Governor of Michigan committed Michigan to carbon neutrality by 2050. The goal called for interim reductions of 28% and 52% by 2025, respectively, and net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), after 2050. EGLE was also charged by her Office of Climate and Energy to work with the Council on Climate Solutions in developing the MI Healthy Climate Plan. This plan is a state-level action plan to reduce GHG emissions and transition to economic carbon neutrality.

The plan positions Michigan as a climate action leader and focuses on actions tospur economic development and create good-paying jobs, lower energy and transportation costs for working families and businesses,work towards energy independence,mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, improve public health, and protect natural resources and wildlife.

The MI Healthy Climate Plan details what Michigan needs to do to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. It also prioritizes actions between now and 2030. The recommendations of the plan are based around six pillars.

  • Engage in Environmental Justice and Ensure a Just Transition
  • Clean the Electric Grid
  • Electrify Vehicles and Increase Public Transit
  • Businesses and homes that are not carbon-neutral can be repaired and decarbonized
  • Drive Clean Innovation in Industry
  • Protect Michigan’s Land and Water
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