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DHS to close gaps, address safety and environmental concerns from border wall construction
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DHS to close gaps, address safety and environmental concerns from border wall construction

DHS to close gaps, address safety, environmental concerns from border wall construction

The Biden administration seeks to close the gaps in the former President TrumpDonald TrumpChile elects Donald Trumpa millennial who wants tax on the rich as a new president. Trump claims that he will not impose a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Monday announced that they will construct a border wall to repair environmental damage.

As a safety measure, the department will close any gaps left from previous construction activities. It will also take steps to address flooding or soil erosion.

DHS will also dispose off any construction materials that remain on sites after the construction of the border wall was stopped. President BidenJoe BidenGoldman drops 2022 growth forecasts following Manchin’s rejection of BBB Biden’s unending problem: Dealing With Joe Manchin: The day democracy almost died.

Biden declared an end to the emergency that allowed construction of the wall during his first day in office. He also announced that he would return Pentagon funding that had been diverted towards the wall and funding 66 more military projects in June.

However, the administration continues to face lawsuits by environmental groups for damage to the walls that they claim needs to be repaired.

The Supreme Court remanded in October a case from American Civil Liberties Union. It is now teeing up an additional stage of the battle for border wall damage. Some groups claim that it disrupts wildlife corridors and causes damage. This includes sections where builders have plowed through federal lands and bulldozing protected Arizona Saguaro Cacti.

Trump’s administration eventually built 450 miles of barriers. Some were replaced by existing barricades.

Although some plans will be implemented Monday, DHS stated that they will close construction access gaps left open during the border barrier construction pause. This will address safety concerns. It will also add missing gates, fix incomplete foundations and connect power to gates that are not yet operational.

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