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Hasco Environmental Relaunches SteelPhalt in an Effort to Expand Sustainable Asphalt Operations
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Hasco Environmental Relaunches SteelPhalt in an Effort to Expand Sustainable Asphalt Operations

Hasco Environmental Relaunches SteelPhalt to Expand Sustainable Asphalt Operations
(Credit: SteelPhalt)

Harsco Environmental, a UK-based division of Harsco Corporation that specializes in environmental services, announced this week that it will be launching SteelPhalt, a sustainable asphalt company.

SteelPhalt uses recycled materials such as steelslag, a byproduct from steel smelting. This reduces the carbon footprint for road-laying by 40%. Its Rotherham facility in England produces sustainable asphalt products with 95% recycled aggregates.

Harsco Environmental doesn’t mine the Earth, instead, it is more carbon-conscious. EcoproductsMartin Gray, SteelPhalt’s managing director, stated that SteelPhalt is one example.

SteelPhalts high performing asphalt is more sustainable than conventional asphalt.SteelPhalts high-performance asphalt?outperforms traditional asphalt in durability, consistency, skid resistance, and more.

SteelPhalt has just confirmed the opening of two asphalt plants for the very first time in 60-years. Harsco plans to open additional facilities in the UK over the next three-years. The additional plants will give Harsco another resource to handle slag from its steel mill clients while also responding to the ever increasing demand for sustainability.

SteelPhalts relaunch also features a faster, more user-friendly website that includes a product selector to help customers and potential customers make informed decisions when selecting materials for a project. The new website will automate tasks such as tracking and ordering, which will reduce customer time spent on administrative tasks.

SteelPhalts OriginsMore than 100 years ago, the Slag Removal Company was founded to separate steel slag from metal and sell it to steelworks. SteelPhalt was founded by the same man who started the Slag Reduction company in the 1960s to promote and sell products made from slag. Harsco acquired it in 1998.

Asphalt manufacturing significant environmental impactsCompanies are looking for sustainable ways to make their business more sustainable. Reclaimed asphalt, which is the reprocessing of asphalt and aggregates in existing pavement materials, is one strategy. Sources for reclaimed asphaltThese include excavation, pavement removal, plant cleanout, reject materials, material returned from jobs, or material that has been removed. Skanska is a construction and project development company. reportedReclaimed asphalt has a lower greenhouse gas emission and cost than virgin asphalt in 2017, while maintaining a minimum level of performance.

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