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National Survey: More than half of Americans Are Accused
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National Survey: More than half of Americans Are Accused

National Survey Reveals More than Half of Americans are

Englewood (CO), Dec. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). The holidays are fast approaching but that doesn’t mean that the environment isn’t top-of-mind to many Americans. Revolution Digital conducted a recent Bona survey of nearly 1,300 Americans and found that 56 per cent of them are likely to forgo holiday traditions in favor of the environment. This is compared to 14% who were highly likely, 14% who are likely, and 31% somewhat.

Respondents were asked which of the following was most important to help the environment during the holidays: conserving energy by using LED lights/putting lights on timers (61%), cleaning with safer products (51%), and reusing/recycling wrap paper (47%). With 40% of respondents indicating this as helpful, reusing artificial trees or planning to recycle live trees was close behind. One respondent stated that they would declutter the tree and use less decorations this year in order to be more sustainable. This is a further indication of the importance Americans place on creating positive change for the planet.

Heather Lindemann is Bona’s global senior communication manager. She said that even small actions can make a difference when it comes to making the planet a better place. It’s encouraging to see Americans keeping the environment in their minds during the holiday season, whether they reuse wrapping paper or use safer products to clean.

Nearly half of respondents indicated that they are interested in environmentally-friendly purchases and behaviors.

  • 44% of people are planning to reuse artificial trees or to recycle live trees
  • 39% Energy conservation with LED lights and putting lights on a timer
  • 37% Local shopping
    • The 65+ group was more likely to say that they would shop locally (52%) than other groups, which averaged between 35%-36% of the total respondents.
  • 37% recycling or reusing wrapping paper
  • 27% Cleaning with safer products

More than one-fourth of respondents (28%) also said that they decorate twice as often during the holidays. This highlights the need for safer cleaning products. The 25-34-year old age group was also more likely to consider cleaning with safer products this holiday season (37%), almost double the rate of the 65+ (20%).

Bona is committed innovating products and systems that create beautiful floors and are safer for our planet, stated Lindemann. We hope that consumers will look for products that have a minimal environmental impact, as there is more cleaning during winter and holiday seasons.

For information on other ways to green up your holidays and options for more environmentally friendly cleaning options, visit:

About Bona US
Bona has been creating beautiful floors since 1919. It is an innovative and environmentally conscious company. BonaAB, a subsidiary in Malm, Sweden, is the North American distributor of floor and home care products. Bona products are available in the U.S. and Canada. They are the first to offer a complete system of waterborne hardwood flooring finishing and floor care products that are certified indoor air quality by GREENGUARD. Bona is trusted by distributors, contractors, and consumers alike. Contact Bona US at 800.872.5515 or for more information.

  • 51% Americans believe cleaning with safer products is more beneficial to the environment.
  • 56% of Americans will likely forgo or change holiday traditions to improve the environment.
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